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Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 79!

You have failed this city! A lot of the times (especially in season 1) these words were followed by a deadly arrow. No risk of dying from my purchase this week but it is Green Arrow related! 71 more words

Pick Ups

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 78!

Sometimes I browse online shops just for the fun of it. I’m not really looking for anything in particular; I’m just looking around. I did this a couple of days ago when I came across this Batman v Superman Armored Batman figure. 80 more words

Pick Ups

April Pickups 2017: All Black Everything - COS, Vanishing Elephant, UNIQLO

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Okay, I know this post is very late, but you can blame the group members I was assigned to in all of my uni subjects for that. 757 more words


Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 77!

My collection of psychical PS4 games keeps on growing and this week I added 2 games to this ever-growing list!

Doom UAC Pack + Mafia 3 (PS4) 105 more words


Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 76!

I only bought one game this week but what a magnificent game it is!

Injustice 2: Deluxe Edition (PS4)

I’ve played the first Injustice game a lot and it was one of my favorite superhero fighting games. 87 more words


Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 75!

Weekly pick-ups is back and it returns with a bang! I bought 2 seasons of a DC tv show and a PS4 game.

Gotham Season 1 + 2 (blu-ray) 134 more words