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Suncatchers in the Sun

A few nights ago, as I was soaking in the bath with my iPad goddess as my friend calls her, I looked up some wire wrapping tutorials and came across a really great one on making wire frames for pendants, Tree of Life, and sun catchers. 530 more words


Day Off

Not sure about the title of this work. I wanted to express the labor theme inherent in the image. There is also the sense of powerlessness there is no escape. 10 more words


Bloonscraft 1.8 Season 1 Episode 5: Rage w/ badatgaming130 & colechicken

Hey what’s going on guys it’s badatgaming130 here and due to not putting up a post on Bloonscraft yesterday, I decided to make up and post two today and this second one is me and colechicken exploring an underwater temple and well…let’s just say I rage immensely at the end. 2,788 more words


Arms of Altmelon, Austria

Granted 1970?

Blazon: Per fess, the partition line in the form of fir tree tops, argent two pickaxes in saltire proper and vert an annulet of the first


The Super Bowl and Trending

Being red-blooded American men, and ever mindful of the civic obligations that entails, we tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday. Although we lost interest in football way back when the autumn afternoons were still warm, and had no particular affinity for either of the contestants, the Super Bowl retains a certain sociological interest. 1,027 more words



This poem is dedicated to those of us dealing with difficult people. Grab your favorite pick axe and a large melon, paste that christmas picture of your offender right on top, and swing away. 67 more words


Arms of Neuenstein, Germany

Granted 1975

Blazon: Argent a pickaxe palewise gules