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Mines Pickaxe

Made with the 3doodler 2.0 using Carmel, and Luminous Blue 3mm ABS filament and Silver 3mm PLA filament. For this build drawing was key, for the handle I made three separate parts and put them together. 88 more words


Play FREE Minecraft – It Is Massive!

Finding out which genre Minecraft belongs to seems to be an exercise in futility. Why? That’s because it is likely to dabble in a lot of them! 219 more words


Suncatchers in the Sun

A few nights ago, as I was soaking in the bath with my iPad goddess as my friend calls her, I looked up some wire wrapping tutorials and came across a really great one on making wire frames for pendants, Tree of Life, and sun catchers. 530 more words


Day Off

Not sure about the title of this work. I wanted to express the labor theme inherent in the image. There is also the sense of powerlessness there is no escape. 10 more words


Bloonscraft 1.8 Season 1 Episode 5: Rage w/ badatgaming130 & colechicken

Hey what’s going on guys it’s badatgaming130 here and due to not putting up a post on Bloonscraft yesterday, I decided to make up and post two today and this second one is me and colechicken exploring an underwater temple and well…let’s just say I rage immensely at the end. 2,788 more words


Arms of Altmelon, Austria

Granted 1970?

Blazon: Per fess, the partition line in the form of fir tree tops, argent two pickaxes in saltire proper and vert an annulet of the first