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Rare Pickaxe

In Fortnite the most odd items are mostly the rare ones. I mean who would have thought of a sword penetrating a plunger. What! Mind blowing.


Common Pickaxe

No person in the correct state of mind would use an uncommon pickaxe. This is utterly embarrassing and close so being a sin. Uncommon Pickaxes look disgusting!


Exclusive Invention: The Tooth Pickaxe (Hygienic & Dangerous!)

If you’re like us, you’ll agree the toothpick isn’t useful for anything except picking bits of food from one’s gnashers. If you’re like us, you’d also wish toothpicks were more dangerous – they’re almost at a good level for self-defence, but not quite. 558 more words


From the Beginning

Hello. My name is James and I’ve decided to start a blog about Ruby resources, mainly books and blogs. I’ve been programming with Ruby as my primary language for about 7 years. 209 more words


Porridge, Nuclear and Pickaxe

An interesting writing challenge is to incorporate Random Words into a short story. In this case the words were Porridge, Nuclear and pickaxe. 

Even though it had been brewing for years, when the nuclear attack happened it was not as expected. 1,200 more words

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