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E-commerce driving DC need for mobile technology - Article from Modern Materials Handling

According to this highly informative article, picking errors resulted in an average cost globally of $59 per incident! Avoid the high cost of product shipment errors and the immeasurable cost of customer dissatisfaction by using high quality labels, ribbons and replacement heads from StickyPaper. 20 more words


Ask E. Jean: How do I Keep My Big Day off the Internet?


Dear E. Jean: I’m spending $5,000 for a wedding photographer. It’s my largest single expense for my big day and worth every penny: She’s incredibly talented! 295 more words

Home Turf and November Sales

After a vacation it always feels good to be home. And after my disappointing thrift store bust in Houston this past weekend, I was anxious to get back to my home turf Goodwill in Silicon Valley to see what I could find.  498 more words

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"Houston, I Think We Have a Problem"

I just got back from Houston, Texas, where I spent a long weekend with my two brothers…always great fun. When I visit, they humor me by taking me to thrift stores and one day we hit three Goodwills! 424 more words

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10 essential mushroom foraging tips

Just a year ago, we had never foraged nor found mushrooms in the wild and hardly knew how to distinguish different species from one another. After countless hours spent in our local forests and quite a few beginner’s mistakes, here’s what we learned about mushroom foraging: 512 more words


Telstra Shop: Picking a Smartphone to Keep Up-to-Date with the News

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australians use their smartphones to read news more than any other nationality. A survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford found revealed that 59 per cent of all smart phones in Australia is used to stay updated with the news. 113 more words