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A VC fund that keeps picking British AI winners has raised another £120 million

Venture capital firm Octopus Ventures has raised a £120 million fund to invest in UK technology startups, The Financial Times reports. The London-based investment company, part of UK fund management firm Octopus Group, has reportedly now raised a total of £660 million, fuelled in part by a string of successful UK startup exits. 24 more words

Top 3 Tips You Have to Remember in Picking the Right DIY Concrete Supplies

It has been common knowledge for centuries that there are three essential things in life that every person needs to survive: first is food, second is clothing, and the third one is shelter. 12 more words

Top 3 Tips You Have to Remember in Picking the Right DIY Concrete Supplies

Scorching hot afternoons, the sun shining brightly right above your head, school is out — it’s summer! While some people spend their fair share of summer at home resting, most people go to the beach… 10 more words

Where to Get Help with Choosing Your College Major

Note: The term, “college major” can also be substituted with “university program”. 

Choosing a major is a challenge that almost every student who plans to go college faces. 909 more words


How to Stop Picking Your Scabs

Picking scabs is a hard-to-break habit that can lead to unsightly and harmful conditions, like infection, blemishes, or scarring. If done compulsively, it can also be a sign of a Body-Focused Repetitive Disorder (BFRD) called “Skin Picking Disorder”. 1,389 more words

Top 8 Things to Look for When Picking a New Bookkeeper

Years of experience and references:
Like other professions, there are many parts of call accounting you just learned from experience. For example, many employees are able to real-time money accounting, but are not solid foundation accounting collection. 380 more words