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Picking the Best Potential Everton Lineup to Face Arsenal on Sunday

Everton have been poor all season and it was summed up on Thursday night in their 2-1 defeat in the Europa League to Olympique Lyonnais.  301 more words

Picking apples from the tree

Number 9 on our list of 50 things is now complete. We went to Barrington Court just outside of Ilminster and explored some of the gardens. 117 more words


Cara pick item Sales order secara partial

public static void main(Args args)
TmpInventTransWMS tmpInventTransWMS;
InventTransWMS_Pick InventTransWMS_Pick;
InventTransOrigin inventTransOrigin;
InventTrans inventTrans;
InventDim newInventDim;
delete_from tmpInventTransWMS;

Query inventTransQuery = new Query();
inventTransQuery.addDataSource(tablenum(InventTrans)).addRange(fieldnum(InventTrans, RecId)).value();

inventTrans = inventTrans::findTransId("017362");
inventTransOrigin = inventTransOrigin::findByInventTransId("017362");

newInventDim = inventDim::find(inventTrans.inventDimId);
newInventDim.inventSiteId = '3';
newInventDim.inventLocationId = '32';
newInventDim.wmsLocationId = 'In_01';
newInventDim.inventSerialId = 'PL0025-1';

InventTransWMS_Pick = InventTransWMS_Pick::newStandard(tmpInventTransWMS, inventTransQuery);
tmpInventTransWMS.InventQty = 1 ;
tmpInventTransWms.InventDimId = InventDim::findOrCreate(newInventDim).inventDimId;



picking apart

life can treat you like a chicken bone

and just leave parts

and hold you in place

and yet it was the situation

and how it was the chew of the bite… 41 more words


Picking the Best Potential Arsenal Lineup to Play Against Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League

​Arsenal are expected to again make wholesale changes for Thursday night’s trip to Serbian club Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League.

The Gunners will have Sunday’s Premier League game against Everton in mind, and have already established themselves at the top of Group H with two wins from two. 261 more words

Out and About

Again, it’s been a while since I was in touch with anyone here. I pledged to try and be outside away from my computer more often and it’s worked a bit. 248 more words

Random Thoughts

Enjoy pumpkin and apple picking at Shady Brook Farm's while staying in corporate housing in Philadelphia

It is time for fall at Shady Brook Farm’s and that means you can enjoy pumpkin picking and apple picking with your family and friends. This all takes place throughout October. 85 more words