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Tingly Lips

For starters, I have not been diagnosed with dermatillomania. I don’t know if I have it. All I know is that I identify with most of the signs of dermatillomania. 485 more words


Picking A Face

Picking is a bad habit. Whether it be your nails, your hair or your skin. It’s bad.

Picking can give one pleasure and satisfaction. However when you pick to the point of bleeding, it’s time to start worrying. 136 more words


Choosing THE (Jump)Ring - A Checklist

Jumprings make the world go ’round! Well, maybe not, but they are are important in jewelry making! There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right jump ring. 505 more words


I Need Some First Aid!

My first port of call on Friday morning was the Children’s Hospital Rummage Sale and depending on my luck there I would head off to two estate sales afterwards. 369 more words

Hunt Stories

Picking up Steam

It feels really good to see the way everything is starting to fall into place in my life, now that I’m making a few changes in my habits and to my lifestyle in general. 727 more words