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Cool as a cucumber

I grew up with sweet-sour gherkins and always loved them. They go with cheese, with that whole array of German smallgoods, on their own – it’s all good. 476 more words


Vegan Rice Bowl with Baked Tempeh

I love rice bowls. All the goodies mingle with each other bind with citrous tamari sauce. A healthy satisfying meal. A dear friend of mine always complains about a dish like this saying “But you have to make so many different things to create one dish! 316 more words


Karl’s Bread and Butter Pickles

As some of my readers may have guessed, I really like pickles. Most of my pickles are quick recipes, ready in a day or two—I am an impatient and hungry kind of guy. 516 more words


Pickled Cucumber

This is a great accompaniment not very common in India but really tastes great with almost anything you have. You can store it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. 104 more words

Banashree Baruah

Visiting a childhood friend… 11. July 2015

 Fried egg, boiled wieners

 Sandwich cake and watermelon

 Halva ice cream

 Strawberry milkshake with wild strawberries

 Boiled potatoes with salt and butter; grilled meat, pickled cucumber


Cold Soba Noodles and Quick Pickled Cucumbers

Toronto’s going through one hell of a heat wave this week and it also just happens to be the week right after our air conditioner breaks! 369 more words


Recipe for Home Style-Rice Congee

home style congee

It had been raining for the past several days and we decided to cook a hearty evening meal which can satisfy us in the rainy weather. 315 more words