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Preservation order

I only preserve cucumbers so I can eat them immediately. Or pickle them, at least. After all, it’s not as if cucumbers are hard to come by these days. 342 more words


Another job interview… 13. February 2017

 Scrambled eggs with roast pork and some pickled cucumbers + a cup of coffee. I only ate about half of the food, because I felt queasy and lost my appetite. 537 more words


Brain Health Habits Sunday with Primed Recipe of Cucumber Delights

Enrich Your Mind

Not food again, but knowledge.

You need to keep growing, to keep learning new things and expand your mind. Reading books (especially before bed as it helps you sleep better), listening to spoken books on motivational sportspeople, listening to podcasts on nutrition, watching educational clips on youtube and helping others cook (for example) are all great ways to learn new skills and grow your mind’s capacity. 291 more words

Primed Lifestyle

The last of the blackberries

After the blackberry coulis instead of jam incident the other week I was determined to have another go before it was too late for 2016. So, after school on Monday I took my daughter foraging in the country park behind our house. 214 more words

In The Kitchen

Get Up, Stand Up

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
Anton Chekhov

This was the image I captured of the moon over the roof of the old church behind my apartment last night. 89 more words


Syltede agurker

Syltede agurker, or pickled cucumber, is easy to buy in jars in the supermarket in Denmark but not so easy to find in other countries. It is used as a topping  or side dish in lots of Danish food, including smørrebrød (open sandwiches), hot dogs and even burgers. 120 more words

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