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Salad Olivier ( Persian potato salad)

Salad Olivier is a kind of potato salad, so much popular in Iran. I do not think you can find someone dislikes this dish in Iran. 149 more words


Ali Nachia Briyani Dam

I’ve heard many good things about this shop since its days at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Surprisingly, there was no queue when I checked it out at its current location Tanjong Pagar Plaza at around 12.30pm on a work week. 114 more words

A Rave: WATERMELON and CUCUMBER from Straight + Narrow Restaurant, Limehouse, London

I find myself writing again about the Straight + Narrow restaurant in Limehouse… well, it is on my way home from the train station and it is all too easy to siddle in with my pathetic excuse “I’m too tired to cook myself”! 236 more words


Summer Dinner

Last week I celebrated living in my flat for eight years. I think this is the longest space of time I’ve lived somewhere since I moved out of home. 204 more words


Preservation order

I only preserve cucumbers so I can eat them immediately. Or pickle them, at least. After all, it’s not as if cucumbers are hard to come by these days. 342 more words


Another job interview… 13. February 2017

 Scrambled eggs with roast pork and some pickled cucumbers + a cup of coffee. I only ate about half of the food, because I felt queasy and lost my appetite. 537 more words


Brain Health Habits Sunday with Primed Recipe of Cucumber Delights

Enrich Your Mind

Not food again, but knowledge.

You need to keep growing, to keep learning new things and expand your mind. Reading books (especially before bed as it helps you sleep better), listening to spoken books on motivational sportspeople, listening to podcasts on nutrition, watching educational clips on youtube and helping others cook (for example) are all great ways to learn new skills and grow your mind’s capacity. 291 more words

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