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In search of pickled ginger

I’m not much of a sushi fan, but those who are know about pickled ginger. I’ve never thought much about it, or ate it, until a recent revelation. 431 more words

Shake Oyakodon & Tonjiru soup from Torii Restaurant & Bar

Dinner on your own doesn’t have to be boring. I was at work on a Sunday while hubs was out with the boys, so after work, I dropped off some documents & stayed on at Torii for dinner. 39 more words

Eat Out

The Sushi Joint & The Sushi Joint 2

It’s difficult to describe how excited I was to learn that a sushi restaurant was coming to downtown Washougal—you might as well have told me that camels had been discovered on Mars. 1,043 more words


Twisted White Choc and Mandarin Cupcakes

White Chocolate and Mandarin Flourless Cupcakes, Sweet Soy and Cream Cheese Icing, Caramelised White Chocolate, Dried Mandarin, Pickled Ginger 471 more words


Can We Just Take a Moment for Sushi?

I love trying new things in general. And I LOVE trying FOOD specifically. So, over the years, it has taken a lot of tasting and thinking to come to my Top 3 Favourite Foods. 560 more words

Book Reviews

Caution: Raw Fish

As part of my twenty while twenty, I tried sushi for the first time.

I wasn’t hesitant about any part of it. I had wanted to try it for the longest time, and I wasn’t afraid to eat raw fish. 239 more words

Twenty While Twenty