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Sunday Californian Rolls

Kathy made Californian Rolls for dinner today, she used Japanese Rice,  omelette, salmon fillet fried, cucumber, prawns, pickled ginger, Japanese mayonnaise, Japanese Rice Vinegar, soy sauce. 32 more words

Eating In

Iwashita New Ginger to release commemorative penlight! It is so a penlight!

In Japan, the is no more dominant name in the ready-to-eat pickled ginger game than Iwashita New Ginger. Their stalks of sweet and spicy roots soaked in vinegar and sugar are sure to satisfy those looking for an all-natural snack. 498 more words



Japanese fish and chips tempura style with edamame, pea and mint smash from Ele.  As a very healthy alternative to mushy peas.  Fish was soaked in milk first to keep it soft, and in the tempura batter – soda water and a pinch of baking powder.  45 more words


Tokyo Buffet 8810 S. Emerson Av.

Looks pretty mundane doesn’t it. After all it sits in the middle of a sprawling strip mall. Surrounded by  a bunch more. Don’t let its appearance fool you. 293 more words


Is Pickled Ginger Paleo?

Eating out can be a challenge on the Paleo diet; sugar, dairy, corn, and soy often find their way into otherwise innocuous dishes. Pickled ginger is often touted as a healthy immune-boosting garnish for a plate of sushi or sashimi, but is it actually Paleo? 340 more words


Inari Sushi


8 pcs inari-age (seasoned deep-fry tofu pocket)

Sushi rice:

1 cup calrose rise

1.8  cup water

1 tsp toasted white sesame seed

½ tsp toasted black sesame seed… 149 more words

Appetisers & Salads

Bottling piquant cherry chillies

I am on a drive to get back to  making my own sauces and preserves. I am so tired of reading labels that bear no resemblance to what should be in the bottle/package. 723 more words