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Rainbow Cauliflower Bowl

I’ve become kind of obsessed with cauliflower.

Lately, I’ve been eating it almost every day, with beet hummus, for breakfast scrambled with eggs, instead of rice with Indian food. 1,296 more words


Work has been suuuuuper busy, hence why it’s taken me nearly 2 weeks to blog about these sweet, darling hot peppas – but finally sitting down! 317 more words


Pickled Beets

We eat pickled beets all year round. Since you can only get good tasting beets in the summer from Farmer’s Markets, I do a big canning batch every year or two, budgeting a jar per month for the two of us and an extra or two for a friend. 646 more words


Spicy pickled zucchini slices

Everyone is humblebragging about their surprisingly massive zucchinis and fauxmoaning on what to do with this summer’s harvest. And we’ve all made suggestions. Now here’s something completely different. 308 more words

The Vegan Elephant

Pickled Okra

Around 2 years ago, B pointed out a Dilly Bean recipe in on of his old-timey magazines.  He wanted to know if I thought I could make them for him.   628 more words