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Cooking #6: Meatless Monday Duo

I have two delicious meatless recipes for you today. The first is a full meal and the second is great for a snack. A few weeks ago a fellow mom friend of mine mentioned this recipe and that it was one of her favorites and I have been looking forward to making it ever since. 579 more words


Pickled cabbage

Cabbage was on sale recently and normally I’d just get a modestly-sized one, but the only option was giant-sized. The first half went into a simple cabbage salad, and for the second half I felt like trying something new. 148 more words


Pickled Courgettes

Again, another vegetable that I really don’t like. They say that you should try things ten or more times and then you will like them. Sadly, that hasn’t happened with me and they remain on my ‘avoid’ list. 245 more words


Burong Mangga (Pickled Mangoes)

by Paowie

My cousin got us a box of green mangoes the other day. I thought of making pickled “buro” mangoes so I went online and picked a recipe. 136 more words



They’re kind of weird. Green, and covered in vinegar, nothing like their former self. Nothing like a cucumber.

And if that wasn’t irritating enough, they’re name is nothing but the process used to make them salty, or oddly sweet. 71 more words


Pickled Green Mango Salad with ABC Prawns

Green Mangoes. Yum! It’s not often I see these babies in my neck of the woods. You can source them in asian grocery stores or markets but I choose to enjoy them when they pop up this time of year in my local greengrocery shop. 534 more words


Canned Pickled Russian Tomatoes (солёные помидоры)

There are so many different ways to make Russian tomatoes (солёные помидоры)! And to add to the confusion, it’s called the same thing in Russian, which literally translates to “salted tomatoes”. 682 more words