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Pickled Red Cabbage


The color of this pickle is just incredible, especially after it has pickled for a few days, the color gets intensified and deeper. So pretty, but the flavor is even more amazing. 250 more words

Food Blog

Pink pickled turnips and bread and butter pickles.

I am very partial to a pickle. Sadly, I’m the only one in my family who is. Not really much point me making them really as I can buy a small jar for my own indulgence. 295 more words


Fresh from the Garden Refrigerator Pickles

I was pleasantly surprised this week when a co-worker brought in a big bag of freshly picked pickling cucumbers and plopped them on the break room table. 233 more words


Low-Calorie Potato Salads That Won’t Pack on the Pounds

From the EatingWell website its – Low-Calorie Potato Salads That Won’t Pack on the Pounds. Recipes including; Creamy Potato Salad, Country Potato Salad, and Lebanese Potato Salad. 236 more words


16 Pickles

I like pickles. I mean, who doesn’t love pickles? Pickles are great. Pickles go with everything, just like sour cream goes with everything (or is that just my Russian genes speaking?). 2,083 more words

pickled beets

The garden has been suffering from neglect. It was good to get in there today and knock some weeds down, straighten a few things out and pull the bolted spinach. 208 more words

ON THE SIDE : Dilly-Style Potato Salad

Why some potato salads are typically just a bunch of mayo and some herbs is beyond me.  Like mashed potatoes, double stuffed baked potatoes, potatoes au gratin, etc. 735 more words