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The Sandwich Diaries ~ the Meatloaf Sandwich

There’s one important thing to have when making a good meatloaf sandwich

Good meatloaf…. and white bread

Okay, two things

meatloaf, white bread… and mayo… 529 more words

Main Course

Flash Fiction Challenge from Kimberley Crawford ~ The Dragon of Shadowsmir


One day a long long time ago, there was a small mysterious world full of dragons, fairies and other outer-worldly characters called, Shadowsmir. Shrouded by clouds and not known to many Shadowsmir was a place like none other, full of mystery to the outlanders who had not dared venture to its shores. 949 more words


Kyoto, Japan - Nishiki Market

I love markets, I really do. I make it a point to visit the local market whenever I’m in a new city. I just love basking in the hustle and bustle, the smell, the sight, the noise, the interaction between the vendors and the shoppers. 271 more words



I think most people will agree when I say pickles are awesome. Salty, delicious, fresh and wonderful, I could eat pickles every day and never tire of them. 1,014 more words


Manic Monday - Five Minute Pickles (AIP Friendly)

My kids and I love pickles! The hard thing about being AIP is reacting to nightshades or seed spices that can be in conventional pickles. Also, if you check the labels, a lot of cheap pickles use yellow coloring! 264 more words


London's 100 Best Dishes: Deep-fried Pickles

With blue cheese dressing @ MEATliquor / MEATmission / MEATmarket

Pickles happen to be already on my list of favourite foods

Deep-fried pickles? MEATliquor/mission/market, you speak to my soul.


Pickled Okra

We have a new menu starting March 6th at Crossroads.  One of the dishes we are most excited about is the Fried Pickled Okra and we’ve decided to share the pickle recipe so that you can be excited too. 205 more words