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Super Cheesy Grilled Cheese with Pickles

This recipe needs little introduction.  It’s no secret that pregnant women
love pickles, so why not add them to a classic, cheesy comfort food?Pregnant or not, this is a delicious sandwich that will leave both grown-ups and kids begging for seconds.   132 more words


Girl Tries Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

I am more than happy to proclaim loud and proud that I love pickled anything. Cucumber, onion, cauliflower, green bean- you name it, i’ll eat it pickled. 374 more words


Mick Adams Burger Bar

Kostaki Fried Chicken

(spicy fried chicken, iceberg lettuce, avocado, chilli jam, radish, coriander, mint and chilli mayo)

Amazing toppings but the dry overly fried chicken prevented this good burger from being a great burger. 115 more words


Homemade lime pickle

Lime pickle is one of my favorite pickles along with the Gujarati sweet mango chunda pickle. It is a perfect accompaniment to simple meals like rice and dal (lentil curry).  382 more words

Food Photography

stop-light tomato pickles

Having a garden means you have a tremendous amount of patience.  How else can you explain the process of waiting for the right time to put seeds in the ground, waiting for them to germinate, waiting for the plant to mature; wait, wait, hurry up and wait.   505 more words

Rye Sourdough Loaf with vegan baked cashew cream cheese and pickles

This platter makes me think of a New York Deli,  and with a jar of crunchy pickles from Poland.  Just a fantastic combination…..

First of all I made a rye and spelt (50/50) sourdough loaf. 701 more words

Put Your Anxieties In A Pickle

We have all experienced ‘butterflies in our stomach’ when faced by any unexpected, irregular or high-pressure situation. Be it meeting new people or answering probing questions, sitting for an exam or giving a job interview, even the most extroverted among us feel anxious. 278 more words