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Pickled Red Onion

Sometimes it is hard being a mom. You don’t often get much time to make fancy meals and sometimes a sandwich for dinner will have to do.  198 more words

Chapter 1: The Letter

Dear Pickles and Piper,

Your grandfather and I are in need of your assistance. Last week, a couple sheep disappeared, and this week, my beloved Pimples vanished! 345 more words


What is Pickles like?

I was searching through Pinterest looking for someone who reminded me of my character, Pickles. When I saw this little girl, I started laughing. Her expression is exactly how Pickles is when she’s bored. 56 more words


Constipation in keto lifestyle

Today I was a little disappointed on my weight loss from previous day. I had the same weight as in the day before. Maybe my small problem with constipation is keeping my weight leveled. 309 more words

Cold Open

On “The Slack” when I see Hotspot’s week of upcoming Q’s. Hmmm. No Q at DZ. That ain’t ’bout to happen. Snatched that bad boy up and came up with the plan. 333 more words


Spicy Oven Cooked Aubergines with my Bangladeshi Inspired Spicy Tomato Chutney!

I’m cold…so thinking about what to eat to warm myself up a bit!! On Monday I released recipes inspired by Bangladesh including a recipe for Spicy Tomato Chutney: 234 more words


Karl’s Chinese Smashed Cucumber Pickles

Sister Grace stopped by this Sunday. Of the several options I gave her for dinner was spicy chicken and pan fried noodles. While this dish is a lot of work, it is one of my family’s favorite meals. 338 more words