Pick of the Week

I don’t usually go to the young adult side of things for my pick of the week, but since Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s last Dark Elements book, … 217 more words

Picks Of The Week

Pick of the Week...

I was planning on making the new Alexandra Ivy book my pick of the week, because spin-off + dragons is a win, but I was annoyed by the whole lack of print copies outside the U.S. 260 more words

Picks Of The Week

Pick of the Week...and a Big, Big Thanks.

Let’s start off with the the thanks part. Way back when I originally started Wicked Scribes, I set it up basically for myself. I wanted something online to play around with, and something that would let me keep track of the books I had, the ones I wanted to get, and the ones that might look interesting. 523 more words

Picks Of The Week

Weekly picks #2

We went to IKEA at the weekend to pick up some bits and bobs for the kiddies boxes for the wedding so, obviously, I had a look around as well. 530 more words


Weekly picks #1

As any human being out there, I too have lots of things on my wishlist. But unfortunately you can’t always buy everything haha (you either run out of money or space). 663 more words


Picks of the Week!

Dancing Man gets his LA dance awwwn!

Last weekend, Sean O’Brien, (dubbed ‘Dancing Man’ by the internet) got to dance with the stars at a dance party in LA, held in his honour. 1,087 more words


Welcome to... Picks of the Week!

Sunday Bad Blood video

The release of T Swift’s Bad Blood music video at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday started the week off with literal explosions. 1,275 more words