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Doomed to Fail (aka DTF)

She said, her optimism is dying daily. Fading fast in the hands of men who love to touch but never buy, show interest solely to shy away from commitment, leave her questioning if the price tag of her morals are indeed too steep. 27 more words


Doomed to Fail (aka DTF)

She said,
her optimism is dying daily.

Fading fast 
in the hands of men 
who love to touch 
but never buy, 
show interest 
solely to shy  244 more words


The Eight Greatest Pickup Lines in the World

Every article about pickup lines always says the best pickup line is to just say ‘Hi.’ And to that I say…shut up and let us have fun. 168 more words


Creative Ways to Hit on Someone

Looking for a new way to hit on the hottie in your chem class, or that cute girl you always see at the bar? No worries, below are the most creative stories of ways people have been hit on (or have hit on others) and whether or not they were successful. 229 more words


Dear scrawny Arab guys at the gym...

Dear scrawny Arab guys intentionally working out near me at the gym,

Yes, I see you. And when you ask your friends “do you think she understands? 140 more words

American Muslim

Vestigial Organs Are Such A Turn-On

I just received the following message and had to share:

“Are you my appendix? Because I do not understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.”

Funny & Cute Pick up lines

Here are some pick up line that I came upon online. I even used some of it to my boyfriend as well as my friends. 144 more words