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The best lines that never get me a date

damn girl are u a firework, because you’re really pretty and im scared of you.

you’re cuter than kittens dressed up as puppies 511 more words


The Interpretive Dance Major

The bar we were at was the Twitter of bars. Legend has it, this bar used to be THE bar; it was cool. Now, though, it had faded from its former glory and attracted a questionable crowd. 533 more words


Babe, Don't Run

Is more than just a


pickup line.

It’s my imagination

running away

with every horror-story relationship

a girl can have

In the time it takes you to speak three little words.



Do you find the fact that I am a full time working professional, homeowner and a responsible parent a little too much to swallow? Am I overwhelming? 898 more words


It started with the Spice Girls

This weekend was the first weekend of the 2016-2017 school year. All the students were back on campus and after having to force our brains to start working again, we were all ready to blow off some steam. 424 more words


Cheers to the Weekends

Ah, the bar scene. We put on lipstick and our prettiest, most uncomfortable shoes for a night out on the town filled with crowds of people and loud music. 286 more words