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This Guy Tried To Use Terrible Tinder Lines In Real Life, And He Struck Out Every Time

The Tinder online dating app still has a reputation as a hookup app that helps people find matches based upon relative proximity. Some people do use the app as a legit dating service. 214 more words

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I Hate To Burst Your Butthole

Celebrated a friend’s birthday the other night and a guy at the bar asked me if I was drinking Bud Light.

Considering I had one in my hand, it was a good call. 128 more words


Lines Guys Use

Am i the only person who is completely aware that guys use dumb lines that they know work on girls but who still likes to hear them? 417 more words

Daily pickup line: a gamer's wet dream

Im not particularly fond of gaming, but even I swooned at this adorable flirtation.

Should I respond? He’s pretty damned cute. Vote in the comments! 21 more words


Jen Cheng's Guide to Picking up Asian Women

It seems as though some men have been infected by what is known as “yellow fever.”

Urban Dictionary defines “yellow fever” as the following:

1. A term usually applied to white males who have a clear sexual preference for women of Asian descent. 722 more words


I Have About Three Talents...So that Pretty Much Means I'm a Catch.

I’m no love expert and I won’t even pretend to be, but sometimes I like to come up with really awkward pickup lines. Maybe they’re not really pickup lines as much as they are phrases that I would say if I were more brave and outgoing. 256 more words