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Saturday Madness

I had a fun weekend minus the fuel subsidy saga and no light palava, I still enjoyed my weekend. The rain on Saturday was indeed a blessing, as in I slept like a baby considering the fact that I wake up 2am (I keep wondering why my internal clock is always wakes me up at that time.. 565 more words


How to Get Hot Women Runners to Notice You

MY WIFE WORRIES when I head out to a race, decked out in my neon shoes, tech shirt, and compression shorts. “What are you going to do,” she asks me, “when all those hot women throw themselves at you?” 695 more words

Running & Cycling


By C. Michael Forsyth

NEW ORLEANS — Vampires are incredibly sexy and romantic, as anyone knows who’s seen the movie “Twilight,” or the hit HBO series “True Blood.” And you can snag a hot bloodsucker as a boyfriend or girlfriend using one of 20 surefire pickup lines from a knowledgeable insider. 675 more words


One-liners gone wrong

I love a good pickup line. Actually, I don’t even like a good pickup line, I like clever ones (or at least ones that make me giggle… 245 more words


If you're being harassed on the street, girls, play the lesbian card

So, I’m strolling down Broad Street on a sunny morning when I sense a discomforting presence over my right shoulder (we women are forever looking over our shoulders, figuratively if not literally, while walking downtown streets). 793 more words


Those Magic Words

Letters ?

we get letters, man.

Boy, howdy,
do we…..

Do we?

Ummm, yes,

I guess we get letters.

let’s pretend we get em, anyway, 856 more words

Today in things that shouldn't be...

Just the other day, a friend of mine posted a mini-rant on Facebook about men who, under the guise of saying “Good morning,” are really just trying to get you to engage in a conversation, and how, when she doesn’t return the greeting, or God forbid, smile, she, at times, gets a nasty response. 422 more words