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A Love Letter To Tinder – The Bar Of The 21st Century

The levels of anonymity the internet can provide is one of its greatest assets while simultaneously being arguably its greatest problem.

Sure, it can allow criminals of all sorts to navigate the web and weave their schemes of varying degrees of wretchedness, but it also permits virtually unlimited opportunities to  976 more words


My horoscope said to write today

“What’s your sign?”  The pickup line had long since gone from cool to cliche to creepy and was now absurd.

“It’s big, it’s red, has eight sides and says ‘STOP’.” 415 more words

Hope Explains Beauty

The friend request made it through my Facebook filter, so I thought…okay, I’ll confirm this person. Maybe he wants to know about my latest book. 595 more words

Staying In Hope

What Not to Say to a Lady with Big Boobs

Are they real? 


No way.

Yeah…they are…

Are you sure?

I’m pretty sure. I think I would’ve remembered a surgery.

They’re big!

Yeah, some are.

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This Girl Tinder Matched With A Guy Testing Creative Pickup Lines And They're Hilarious

Usually when you think of pickup lines — particularly on Tinder — you think about cringeworthy, recycled lines that make you want to run away and hide under your bed. 110 more words

Six Word Story #503

Mustache Man’s pickup lines…singularly ineffective.

Six Word Story

Worst Pickup Lines to Make Sure You Stay Single

Pickup lines work well when used right. The problem? Few people know how to use them. Clever and original pick up line could make or break a new relationship. 200 more words