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First blog post- Dinner Woes

 So I attempted to make pasta out of vegetables today. I had thought it went well until I tried to feed it to an 11 year old. 362 more words

Picky Eater

And then she became a teenager...

Once upon a time I had a daughter (in fact, I still do), who grew up a great little eater. Home-made rhubarb muffins? Check. Chicken stew? 250 more words

Membuat Anak Menikmati Proses Makan, Bisa Nggak Sih?

“Anakku makannya susah banget,” ujar seorang ibu. “Anakku picky banget deh kalau soal makanan, nggak mau makan ini, cuma mau makan itu,” ujar ibu lainnya. 927 more words


The Protest


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt


If you are as fed up with the whole political scene as I am, you won’t go there with today’s prompt. 750 more words

Daily Prompt

Soup Story

My dad follows and reads my blog (hi dad!) which is pretty

cool. I got an email from him the other day saying my blog posts had reminded him of a food memory he had of me when I was younger. 492 more words


Picky Eater Syndrome

My son, Matt, is a picky eater. He has a palate out of this world. He does not like vegetables. As a baby, we used mix in vegetables with his baby food. 470 more words

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

My biggest pet peeve as a nanny is when the family does not provide food for you to eat. I realize that a typical office job, you would either bring your own lunch or buy it. 321 more words