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Struggles of Being a Picky Eater

We didn’t choose the picky life, the picky life chose us.

  • When somebody serves you your plate and your foods are touching. You have to awkwardly push them apart and possibly ask for extra plates in order to separate your foods.
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Finicky Food

Do you ever have that one thing that you crave all of a sudden that refuses to be ignored until you’ve eaten it? Or until you’ve eaten it three or four times? 809 more words

Seafood, Hep A and the reason I should have a steak

I don’t like seafood.

Well, generally I don’t like seafood. My list of acceptable seafood is short: canned tuna, fish and chips, lobster, ‘opihi and maybe one bite of shoyu poke (hold the limu). 209 more words


Cheap Thrill Friday: picky eaters

I think every parent can relate to this one. What do you think? TGIF my friends.

Chicken Shawarma {FFF}

Last week, my kids and I joined my mom and grandma on a trip up to Michigan to see some family. The traveling part was an absolute nightmare and my 7-month-old’s top… 536 more words



Pickles, peppers, parsley.

I will not indulge in them.

Celery, cottage cheese, cantaloupe.

Keep them away from me.

Years of pickiness, yet to be defeated.


Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Rosemary Wedges 

Ok so this is my first slimming “world” post and I’m about to share with you an adjusted fussy eaters version of the Chicken Nuggets that featured in last months Slimming World magazine. 444 more words

Slimming World