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"In Case You Didn't Already Know Mom"

The other day, we passed by Tim Hortons’ drive thru and grabbed iced capps before heading over to the skate park. Cabezítas rarely finishes his. This annoys me to no end (he’s a skinny, very finnicky kid). 99 more words


Surprise Cupcakes

When Bea was younger, she was such a joy to feed because she would eat everything we gave her. Travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam… 343 more words


Dinner winner: 7 tips that got our toddler to eat

My sweet Little Bean (which is one of her many nicknames, and much less visually confusing than “A”.) has been challenging at the dinner table, but we seem to have gotten into a good routine lately.   474 more words

Don't Eat Me, Mom! I'm Gluten!

Every parent knows how tough it can be to get kids to eat. Some people I have to barter with my 4 year old every day to eat enough food. 999 more words


Dear Abby On The Fussy Daughter-In-Law

DEAR ABBY: My son is being deployed for 10 months. His wife and baby are coming to live with me, and I am thrilled.

My concern is that his wife is a picky eater and she doesn’t do much around the house. 95 more words

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Picky eating: one mum's perspective (a guest post by Mandy Mazliah)

I love having guest posts on my blog as I believe there’s something really valuable about looking at eating issues from different view points. So many parents talk about how alone they feel with their child’s picky eating – I wanted to share a parent’s perspective because it’s really important to know that, if you are the parent of a fussy eater, you are not on your own. 728 more words

Picky Eating

The Problem With Pizza

By now you’ve probably fully grasped that my eating habits are slightly unorthodox. What if I told you eating food wasn’t my only problem? Oh yes, I have many. 832 more words

Eating Disorder