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Rainbow Chard

Of all vegetables, rainbow chard is the most beautiful. My son acknowledged the beauty of our bundle from Spud even though he thought being asked to eat it was unreasonable. 174 more words

My toddler might be a foodie

I mom-ed so hard this weekend, you guys.

I always thought the greatest pleasure or sense of satisfaction I would ever experience re: food would be a direct result of eating it. 593 more words


The Eating Styles of the Cute and Picky

Ah, dinnertime.  That once-a-day ritual that I so looked forward to when I was pregnant, dreaming of the perfect little children I was growing in my tummy.   1,005 more words


7 Things I Thought I Would Be Able To Avoid as a Parent

There are things I hoped I would never have to deal with in my life. I always knew I wanted kids, so sleep loss and playing with baby poop was a given. 778 more words



I remember Morris. He
Was finicky on our TV
When I was little. He survives
In memory because 9Lives
(The only brand he deigned to eat) 130 more words


How To Feed A Picky Eater

Since the days my daughters were born, I’ve been reading books and articles about how to address picky eaters.  To many people, there is nothing worse than the picky eater.   718 more words

Trick your picky eater with these easy foods

You followed the pediatrician’s advice and started your baby on solids between 6 and 9 months old. You introduced them to vegetables before fruits so they wouldn’t get the taste for sweets only. 1,432 more words