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How I went from the pickiest eater of all time to food connoisseur

Okay, so connoisseur is a mild exaggeration, although I feel comfortable calling myself a pizza connoisseur, or pizzaficionado, as I like to say. If nothing else, a connoisseur of frozen pizzas, since, growing up with a single mom with two jobs and being the Pickiest Eater of All Time until around age 20, I’ve had my fair share of frozen pizzas. 2,327 more words


That is the one question that makes my stomach clench with anxiety when I hear it uttered.  I despise that question because it comes across as a challenge mixed with a healthy dose of judgment and expectation. 72 more words


My child’s a picky eater—and that’s okay

I’ve never been exactly food adventurous myself. I consider my eating habits to be “simple,” I order my burgers plain, prefer cheese pizza, and the more ingredients in a dish, the more chances there’s something in there I don’t eat. 704 more words


Weekend Away challenge results.

Well I was dreading going to a party in Wales meaning 2 days and 1 night in a hotel. Slimming World is hard when you are a picky eater and a junk food binger. 205 more words

Chicken Nuggets

Feeding kids is a big task when it comes to picky eaters. Some kids hate to eat sticky food while some hate eating chewy stuff which take long time and some don’t like food thats boring and orefer colorful food but most hate anyting green. 317 more words


Mayonnaise Is Disgusting

Mayonnaise is disgusting.

So is eggplant, for that matter. And I wouldn’t touch a mushroom with a mile-long stick.  If I had to get started, I could draw up a list the combined length of the Harry Potter series of foods that I hate. 336 more words


I tried Bacon!!!! This is a huge one for me.  Up until this point I have not eaten any meat products what so ever and I actually tried bacon.   152 more words

New Food Attempts