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No Complaints Dinner

It’s been a few rough months of picky eating at our house and I’m tired of picking food up off the floor. I’m pretty sure my littles’ taste buds are changing daily. 266 more words


Cheese Pizza, Light Cheese

I’m a picky eater. I’m the person who orders spaghetti without the sauce. I know all of the struggles of being a picky eater, and I’m done with people making fun of me for it. 316 more words

Life Style

The Baby vs Solids! Guess who is winning?

The struggle is real. Having a fussy eater is really difficult. Here are five points that crossed my mind in the war called “solids”! And in case you were wondering, the baby is winning this battle, but I will win the war *cue evil laughter – followed by frustrated tears on realizing the facts* 618 more words


When You Fail the Test

Kids test you. A lot.

Patience has never been one of my virtues. Even now, if you want to really rile me, have my computer decide to take it’s sweet time when I need something done. 681 more words

Tapas with Friends!

Last week I tried so many good tapas for lunch at this wine bar and restaurant called Etiquette.  It is a fantastic feeling to actually be able to take part in shared dishes with friends!   441 more words

New Food Attempts


Well, unfortunately I wasn’t about to drive to our local farmers market in this weather but thankfully our regular store had the things to get us started. 39 more words

Our Life

Tapas in Madrid, Spain!

My picky eating adventures have now landed me in Madrid, Spain to try many new tapas!!! I had a great trip and actually got to experience the food culture.   660 more words

New Food Attempts