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How To Feed a Toddler

Good morning sunshine. As a mother I have experienced my toddlers going through phases of what they like to eat, what they can easily get sick of, what works and what doesn’t. 454 more words


Baby Led Weaning: Food intake in the last 8 months

Baby Tony has always been independent. He’s used to feeding himself since he started his solids intake. Very rarely will he let us feed him especially rice. 680 more words


20 Things About Me

  1. I am the oldest of 4 girls.
  2. I was born in Utah.
  3. I have traveled to 15 states.
  4. I have over 400 pairs of shoes.
88 more words


#033 ~ Picky Eaters with Danielle Binns, Part 1

Join us as we talk about picky eaters! In this two part episode, Stephanie interviews Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert and Certified Nutrition Practitioner Danielle Binns. 605 more words


3 tips to Prevent 'Picky Eaters'

Alright, I gotta go here folks.

Before I was a mom (you know, when I felt like a parenting expert), I worked for WIC as a nutritionist for mothers and small children. 746 more words

Week One

So this week I chose a pretty simple fear, eat something I normally wouldn’t. I’m generally a picky eater. If I find something I like I stick with it, I try not to venture too far out of my comfort zone. 368 more words


you have to f*ck%ng eat

I apologize in advance, but this post contains language. Picture me with my darling blue-eyed child in the produce section of the grocery store. We’re happily choosing red apples to make applesauce with when L bursts into tears because he wants a green apple. 817 more words

Spirited Children