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Persnickety Palate: Kid Friendly Local Eats

There are so many great options in Orlando to take the kids out to eat!! I’m making this a quickie post because I am knee deep in Thanksgiving Day prepping, but here is a list of 5 great places to eat with your kids in Orlando that doesn’t involve the mouse-house, food shaped like animals, video games, or mascots. 198 more words

Birthdays, Fussy Eaters and Other Stresses

So last week was about packing up for the move and preparing for DD1’s 4th birthday. Monday involved me packing while the girls amused themselves with toys and the TV and the iPad occasionally, then I managed to sneak upstairs and wrap up DD1’s birthday presents. 1,256 more words

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Persnickety Palate: The Smoothie Addition

Every Tuesday I will post a recipe, snack and meal ideas, or restaurant reviews all relating to my picky little eater.  When I hear other moms say, “oh my precious little so-and-so will eat anything I put on his/her plate” I want to scream and pull my damn hair out.   704 more words

Convert Picky Eaters Over Time With the "Three Rs"

Eating is one of life’s simplest but more enjoyable pleasures. It brings people together, renews your energy, and just makes you feel good. So as a parent, it can be difficult to understand why your little one refuses to eat, scrunches their face up at the sight of certain foods, and even spits them out.

120 more words

This is What Marissa is Missing

Juliandra invited us over for fresh, homemade guacamole! 374 more words


What Not to Say to the Parent of a Picky Eater

You know, I’m not really a big fan of all those “what not to say” posts.  Because I think that most of the time people mean well, and the people who don’t mean well are going to keep right on saying whatever they want to anyway. 611 more words


Looking for me?

Good morning, Mamas!

It’s a busy day here at the Runaway Mama headquarters!

My essay, “Muscle Memory,” about reigniting my motherhood spark, is on Mamalode today. 125 more words