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Study: Artfully "Plating" Your Food Can Actually Make It Taste Better

Whether you’re entertaining for a crowd or simply sitting down to a quiet weeknight meal, it’s worth it to make your food look good. Studies have shown that artistically-presented food actually tastes better, and that when you eat something that you truly enjoy, your body actually makes more efficient use of its nutrients.

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Make Your Own Healthy Granola

In my house, we love granola. We put granola on yogurt, in almond milk, and we even eat it right out of the box! There’s something so satisfying about the crunch of the nuts and seeds, the sweetness of the dried fruit, and the texture of the grains – far superior to your regular breakfast cereal, in my opinion. 623 more words

Frugal Mom

The feeding paradox

At the heart of my work with the parents of picky eaters is a secret. An idea that is extremely simple and yet can be very hard to accept. 432 more words

The snack plate

Ruby has always had a really hard time gaining weight.  Though she was the biggest of my three babies when she was born, she quickly fell to under 5% on the growth curve, at one point she had fallen off the chart completely.  431 more words


Beans. On Toast.

Pebbles: Momma, did you know that cowboys like beans on toast?

Me: Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere.

Pebbles: Beans on toast! Can you believe that?!! 114 more words


Parenting Hacks for Feeding Picky Eaters

Peanut butter and jelly.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Milk.  Banana.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Cookie.

That’s pretty much what my 3-year-old is willing to eat in a day.   998 more words


Houston, we have progress!

Yes, we are still battling the toddler picky eater blues around our house…..however I think we may be making a turn for the good! I am not going to run out screaming to the world quite yet, but we have made some big milestones that we are very proud of! 286 more words