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A Cure for Rogue Peas: A Re-Play Plates Review

My daughter isn’t much of a cuddler and she expects the same out of her food. A pea looking for a little squeeze from a fish stick is simply not allowed and if it dares to happen, one person must be held accountable and that one person is me – the resident short order cook of the house. 263 more words


My (Crazy) Golden Life

We’re still here. A little tattered after a busy summer and fall, but here.

Ducky is still her crazy, sometimes hyper, drama-queen, lovable self. Trying to work with her in between hubby’s various doctor appointments and my own school work wore. 387 more words


Quality vs. Quantity

Isn’t this an age-old question?  Is it more important to have less with better quality or have more with so-so quality?  Less is more…isn’t that what we say? 467 more words


This too shall pass

You know that feeling you get when you’re having a bad day…the one where you feel like you’re standing under a grey cloud, and the Sun is never going to show its face again? 294 more words


5 Allergy-Friendly Treats That (Even) My Picky Irish Husband Eats

Okay, okay. It’s less that he’s picky, and more that he’s averse to change. I still giggle at the thought of the first time his American cousins introduced his 7-year-old self to pasta. 622 more words

Food Allergies

5 ways to feed an active baby, who's also a picky eater

Every meal, almost every day, is a battle with my 14-month old. He would rather play than eat food, unless of course it’s something I’m eating and he can’t have, like chocolate or deep fried chicken (in that case, he’ll keep circling me in order to get a taste of it 😅). 668 more words


Excerpt: Educated Tastes

The following has been excerpted from Educated Tastes: Food, Drink, and Connoisseur Culture (Nebraska, 2011)a collection of essays edited by Jeremy Strong. This particular essay has been excerpted in honor of the picky eater at your Thanksgiving table. 1,016 more words