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Picky Eater.

Jack won’t eat his dinner 90 percent of the time. It is a rare occasion that I can get him to eat anything cooked or otherwise prepared for him. 261 more words


This ONE Simple Tip Will Improve Dinner Time with Kids Forever!

There are two little words that instil a sense of dread in almost every parent with young children. In any other scenario, these two unassuming words are often a welcomed phrase. 613 more words


The picky toddler?

I don’t get the picky eater toddler thing. I see the headlines weekly “how to get your picky toddler to eat”, “foods even a toddler will love”, and on and on and on. 502 more words

Healthy Eating

Holly Golightly!

This week, the spotlight is on a local pup who lives just steps away from our office in Oakland: little miss Holly Golightly! From picky eater to thriving nommer, this rescue’s journey now finds her happy and healthy (and begging for more, please). 531 more words

Customer Spotlight

Eating vegetables and asking questions 🙋 

Two really big things happened yesterday. Yes, oh yes. When we are an autism parent, we celebrate everything! And every small or big thing is a momentous occasion. 683 more words

Little Star Does

#AtoZChallenge: E is for Eating

Everyone knows that toddlers can be picky eaters, but I think mine takes the cake. She’ll eat exactly two vegetables (corn and cucumbers), one meat (fish sticks), pizza, and some other not-so-healthy things. 383 more words


Why I Hate Seafood

Yes, I know. You’re probably shaking your head right now as you read this. Sorry not sorry; seafood is gross. Yep, I said it. I have a few reasons though and they’re very reasonable, trust me. 535 more words