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Today my kitchen blew up over a box of cereal. After the gym, I did my regular grocery shopping. Knowing that my oldest was out of his favorite cereal, I picked up a box. 287 more words


Going Vegetarian for No Reason 

So for my 2017 new years resolution I decided to eat vegetarian during the weekdays (not counting Friday nights). I’m not an animal rights activist. I care about the environment, but not to the extend that it’s motivating me to go vegetarian. 472 more words

New Years Resolution

Kicked the New Year off Right

So 4th January was my goal date to reach my 3 stone weight loss with slimming World, but we know that December was a messy month seeing a total gain of 12lbs putting the original goal far out of reach –  so a new date was chosen 15th Feb 2017. 349 more words

Food - Beefaroni

This is the day that my son discovered Beefaroni. I’ve never seen him so excited about food! I know it’s not the best for him and I’m sure it’s not super high on the nutritional value scale but he’s eating!!!!! It’s food!!!!

Food - Homemade Pizza

A friend of mine told me that her kids were super picky eaters and they love making pizzas at home. It was one of the few things they would eat. 148 more words

First blog post- Dinner Woes

 So I attempted to make pasta out of vegetables today. I had thought it went well until I tried to feed it to an 11 year old. 362 more words

Picky Eater

And then she became a teenager...

Once upon a time I had a daughter (in fact, I still do), who grew up a great little eater. Home-made rhubarb muffins? Check. Chicken stew? 250 more words