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Do Gummies Help for the Extra Picky Eater?

My 9-year-old is such a picky eater he will not even eat vitamins unless they taste good. I have 4 kids aged 20, 19, 9 and 8 so I am a seasoned parent. 287 more words

#AtoZChallenge: L is for Licking

Everyone knows that toddlers can be picky eaters, but I think mine takes the cake. She’ll eat exactly two vegetables (corn and cucumbers), one meat (fish sticks), pizza, and some other not-so-healthy things. 376 more words


For Arlo and For Mommy. What lunch sometimes looks like for my picky eater.

I am very proud to say that all my children LOVE fruits and veggies. When Carson and Millie were younger, my sister in law once asked what their favorite food was and they both screamed “BROCCOLI!” Arlo loves fruits and veggies too. 231 more words

Autistic Toddler

Our Picky Eater

In December, my son’s teacher informed me that he wasn’t eating lunch. She was wondering if there might perhaps be a connection between hunger and a lack of afternoon impulse control. 116 more words

Goodbye Cheese Pizza!

Sara first tasted cheese pizza at only 8 months – and it was love at first sight!

Since then, it has been the only type of pizza she would consider eating.  523 more words


Feeding A Toddler

I literally just took a deep breath before I began typing this. You guys this is a topic I can find tears and humor in. Am I right? 698 more words


Going Vegan

I’ve always been a “picky eater.” When I was younger, I would give my mom the hardest time when it came to keeping me fed. She claims that I ate baby food until I was three. 327 more words