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Picky Eaters: Setting the Table for Success

Most parents have encountered kids who like a food one day, then decide they hate it the next.

Those are very typical picky eaters. They are not who this story is about. 357 more words


Picky Eating Chronicles - My #1 Tip for Parents of Picky Eaters

One morning this spring as my son was getting ready for school, I noticed that his hair was wet.  I asked him why and he told me “I had something in it, so Grandma washed it out.”  It was only later that I heard the full story from my mom.   763 more words

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Are you a Picky Eater in Lebanon?

Are you a Picky Eater in Lebanon?

The thing about being a picky eater, especially in Lebanon, is that everyone around you manages to take personal offense to the fact that you simply don’t like to eat everything put in front of you. 355 more words


Soup's On: Picky Eaters, Part 2

Picky Eaters, Part 2

Welcome back to the kitchen. Last month, we enjoyed a lengthy discussion about picky eaters, and the roots of restrictive eating. 736 more words

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Betty Crocker, amiright?

Evelyn’s been doing this thing lately where she asks for something for breakfast/lunch/dinner/in-between snack. I make or prepare said food, and then immediately upon laying her eyes on it, she decides “Oh, actually, nope. 335 more words


Stop being a brat.

Yesterday, my friends Sean, Pat, and Phoebe came back from a bike trip in Iowa. They work on these bike trips to help set up tents, cook food, and drive equipment to the next bike stop. 624 more words

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Books for Kids: From the garden to the table

Anyone lucky enough to live with, or near, an Italian gardener knows about towering tomato plants, lush greens and mouth-watering vegetables. Rosario is such a gardener, and the little girl who lives next door and watches him work his patch of land is convinced he’s working magic. 595 more words