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Rigby does Picnic Day!

Last weekend, Rigby and I took a road trip to UC Davis for Picnic Day, the university’s annual open house. The event is super pet-friendly since most everything is outdoors: parades, exhibitions, food trucks, and even dog sport demos.  825 more words


Photos: Picnic Day at UC Davis

Picnic day is like a huge open house at UC Davis and there’s all sorts of things that happen (cow milking, petting zoo, parade, doxie derby, cockroach races, battle of the bands, etc.) 167 more words

Exit 198. It's okay to have two hometowns.

I was born in Salinas.  Salinas is a medium-sized city in central California, by which I mean it is considered small by California standards, but if it were located in Wyoming or West Virginia, it would be the largest city in the state.  662 more words

Week 13 Apr. 15 - Apr. 21


Finally. After a lot of preparations for the last few weeks, picnic day is now officially complete. And I’d have to say it was a success. 707 more words


Davis Cops Hoping To Avoid Repeat Of Picnic Day Confrontation

DAVIS (CBS13) – Thousands of people are expected to attend the 104th annual UC Davis Picnic Day Saturday.

“I think we’re talking about an additional 30,000 to 40,000 people that are coming to town,” said Mayor Robb Davis. 344 more words


Prelim Reduced to Picnic Day 4 As Defense and Prosecution Clash

The third day of the preliminary hearing for the Picnic Day Five came and went and there is still no conclusion as to whether or not Judge David Rosenberg will allow the multiple felony charges levied against the group to carry forward into an actual trial. 1,037 more words


In defense of the defense: ‘Picnic Day 5’ told detectives they didn’t know they were fighting cops

Immediately following the April 22 melee in which three police officers were injured, a member of the so-called “Picnic Day 5” told Davis police Detective Kimberly Walker that he unknowingly swung at a plainclothes officer after seeing him strike a black man. 1,041 more words