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Happy "Independence" Day

Here’s an especially hot example of exercising one’s freedom–the freedom to relinquish it!

Yard work

“To grow a garden is to have hope in tomorrow”

One of the more relaxing chores on this Independence Day is yard work, and this incredibly wild yard takes a lot of work.

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Adventure To The Top of The World (or so it seems...)

My colleague/friend/”cousin” Björn had a birthday, so we took him (and me) up to see the tower. Working at a Cathedral has it’s advantages :-) 144 more words


What Is This "Sea Monster" That Washed Up On Shore? [PICS]

The body of a “sea monster” washed up on the shore of Russia and nobody is quite sure what it is! What does it look like to you? 71 more words


July 04, 2015 at 02:49PM via Instagram

I think the cooler is finally 4th of July ready courtesy of @southerneaglesc & @BudLight! Make sure you enjoy your Fourth responsibly, and grab a few Bud Light Limes, in their new bottle, while you are being that responsible person! 6 more words