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Verbs - Pandiwa Picture Cards

Verbs – are action words     /        Pandiwa – mga salitang nagsasaad ng kilos

(picture cards – credits to owner)

Picture Cards

CVC Words 1

CVC words are usually the first words children learn once they know their consonant sounds and short vowel sounds.  In CVC words, all the letters are pronounced, and they are pronounced the way children expect.  34 more words



A verb is a “doing” word. A verb can express:

  • A physical action (e.g., to swim, to write, to climb).
  • A mental action (e.g., to think, to guess, to consider).
  • 19 more words

Parts of the Body

Learn the different parts of your body.

Click the images below. (credits to Bahan Prasekolah)

Rhyming Words 2

Rhyming words are words that have the same ending sounds.


  1. bat – rat
  2. ham – ram
  3. cot – pot
  4. hen – pen
  5. jet – net…
  6. 42 more words
English Random


Different pets / animals with their pictures. (credits to owner)