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Photography Hacks

The book I read to research this post was Photography: Photography Lighting Hacks by Eric Adamo which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. 250 more words


New PSLE English Composition Format

2015 is a significant year for those taking PSLE, as they are the first batch of students to be assessed using the Revised PSLE English examination format. 568 more words


Using Action Verbs in Writing

Whether a piece of writing captivates the reader or not, largely depends on the verbs used. Instead of passively telling the story, students can learn to show the characters’ actions with the verbs they use. 311 more words


Interesting Story Starters: Begin Your Story with a Bang!

Are story starters important?

Imagine you are a teacher marking a class of students’ compositions.

How would you feel if all 30 pieces of writing begin with “One fine day,…”? 836 more words


Ways to Develop a Story: Tips for Composition Writing

As content is important in composition writing, children must be taught ways to develop a story.

In Lower Primary, students are required to write stories of about 80 to 100 words, based on a series of 3 or 4 pictures. 1,034 more words


Teaching The Writing Process

Is it important to teach the Writing Process?

To a child who asks, “What do I write?”, the answer, “Well, JUST WRITE!” doesn’t help.

Children need to be taught how to write. 587 more words


Picture Composition Writing for Lower Primary

Picture composition writing is not something new for those who have gone through Primary School. I remember writing compositions based on 4 given pictures during my Primary School days. 430 more words