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Writing Technique: Using the 5 Senses

In the world that we live in, our five senses are constantly hard at work. We interact with the world through them. Without our five senses, we would all be living in a dull and dark world. 611 more words


Writing Technique: Be Specific

Being specific is a useful skill to teach our children. It can be beneficial in many areas. For one, children often need to give specific answers when answering Science questions. 352 more words


Creative Writing & Composition Class (Primary 3)

I am glad to share that I will be starting a Creative Writing & Composition Class for Primary 3. This class is suitable for Primary 3 children who are weak in writing and wish to learn useful writing skills that they can apply in their school compositions. 43 more words


Starting A Composition With Bombastic Phrases

Many children are taught to memorise “good or useful phrases” and bombastic words to be regurgitated in their composition. This method might be useful to a certain extent for children who are unable to construct proper sentences. 917 more words


Photography Hacks

The book I read to research this post was Photography: Photography Lighting Hacks by Eric Adamo which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. 250 more words


New PSLE English Composition Format

2015 is a significant year for those taking PSLE, as they are the first batch of students to be assessed using the Revised PSLE English examination format. 568 more words