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Why Did Jesus Have to Die? Excerpt

Chapter 1

Why are things this way?

In your mind’s eye, look outside your door and peer into the ghettos and dark alleys of this world. 339 more words


God is Not

It’s been said that God is love. But love never gets defined. Isis says God (Allah) is love, and Islam says the same. The Jews say God (Yahweh) is love. 447 more words

What is God like?

The struggle in the Middle East is just the playing out of what each religious group thinks God is like. We become what we most highly admire and desire, and Isis, Islam, the Jews, and Christians are all living out their picture of God to the world. 588 more words

What is Your Picture of God?

“Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the Lamb!”  Revelation 7:10

When I transitioned from a small two-room school with a total of 30 students in grades 1-8 to a public junior high school with 1,100 students in grades 7-9, it was difficult to say the least. 716 more words

Personal Reflections

Picturing God

“So soon as we become satisfied with any picture of God, we are in danger of idolatry: of mistaking the comprehensible image for the reality, of losing the numinous, the mystery, the transcendent majesty of God.   32 more words

Brief Thoughts

What Does God Look Like?

By Patrick Showers, Associate Elementary Pastor
Woodland Hills Church

Have you ever wondered what God looks like? Although none of us have actually “seen” God, we all have our own internal “image” of what God “looks” like (what He is really like) that we carry around inside our hearts. 621 more words