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Weight is just a number.

Weight training.

In theory, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns each day, this means you can eat more food and maintain your weight. 268 more words


Adam Sandler Performs Wedding Ceremony Onstage During Comedy Performance

Adam Sandler is currently on the road with his Netflix-presented “Here Comes the Funny” standup comedy tour, but his show on Saturday, Dec. 3 found the “SNL” alum doing something we’ve never seen him do before: perform an actual wedding ceremony onstage. 146 more words


Inspiration/Aspiration Vs Envy

Hi loves,

Today we are talking about what we get out of social media, especially  Instagram; aspiration? Inspiration? Or major envy? My interpretation of aspiration is, ‘if they can do it so can I’. 356 more words



I have always felt that I share a special affinity with Nature. So whenever I am upset or restless, I seek comfort in her. She soothes me like a mother, and fills me up with an overwhelming warmth of belonging, and at the same time empties me inside out, quite like that feeling one gets when riding the Ferris Wheel. 8 more words


Girl Dogs Rule!

I’ve grown since the last time we posted. In another couple of months I’ll be completing my 4th year. Gee… time does fly, doesn’t it? 47 more words

Just Yappin'

Picture Perfect Power Rankings: The Oscar Status Quo

By: Daniel Reynolds

The Oscar noise is starting to pick up now as there are no longer any films we either haven’t seen entirely or in some minuscule part. 1,069 more words


It's Not A Small World Afterall

When I look at the big picture, I always end up asking myself, “How do I fit in this infinitely growing world?” Am I even needed? 112 more words