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Love me some moon

Check out the surrounding clouds protecting the moon. #mesmerizing #moon #picsnapping

Picture Taking

Calmness before said storm arrives

Snapping pics is what I enjoy. See the moon peaking out. Let’s see if storm comes in. 4/1/15

Picture Taking

Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (95)

To step out of the way-

When you can clearly see that there is picture taking underway.




Snapped this omw to drop off my younger two at school. Sometimes you have to stop and appreciate a new day and be grateful for all that you have. Today wasn’t promised.

Self Reflection

That's a gorgeous sight

The beautiful colors are amazing, how can you not believe in the almighty creator. No question for me. I believe God brings me to each situation and when asked for guidance he will provide a solution. #GodsCreation #scenery #perfectartist #faith

Self Reflection

How To Pose for a Picture

This is hard work, man.
  • Pull up your pants.
  • Make sure the camera can see your fabulous outfit.
  • Fix said fabulous outfit to maximize degree¬†of fabulosity.
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