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Painting: Little Bird

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen


Project 365.140 - Artefact

I was at a board game meet today, and taking a photo wasn’t exactly a huge priority, I’ll admit. But, the café it was held in was full of a lot of really cool and unusual pieces of art. 10 more words

Photo Challenge

My Books are Being Considered at Two Much-Loved Retailers

Iconic children’s bookstore Hicklebee’s in Willow Glen and Modern Mouse Gift Shop in Alameda are considering featuring several of my books in their stores. I hope to hear back from both by the end of the month. 43 more words

Hey Sugar!

Being born in a family which loves food, you won’t be wrong if you say that we live to eat food, I have always been trying to lose weight! 620 more words

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From Dr Hetal Sachanandani

Being born in a family which loves food, you won’t be wrong if you say that we live to eat food, I have always been trying to lose weight! In my today’s post, I’m writing down all that I have learnt about our darling SUGAR. I would love to know more if you have something to add, you can never know everything right?

  • Sugar is nothing but Carbohydrates. Anything that ends with ‘-ose’ is a sugar! E.g. Galactose, fructose, glucose, sucrose, lactose are a few better known sugars.
  • Sugar is consumed by the body as a Fuel or gets converted into Fats which is stored in the body as a fuel reserve.
  • Mindless sugar intake can lead to a plethora of problems related to heart, liver, kidneys and also obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, etc. Please check on the sugar, honey!
  • When you consume fruits, apart from loads of vitamins & minerals, you also intake the natural sugar too so if your aim is losing weight, load up on raw veggies more than fruits.
  • Steer away from fruit juices! They are squeezed off their fibers & most of them should be labelled as sugar water because that’s what they basically are. Eat the fruit & drink that water instead of a fruit juice.

  • Honey is a mixture of various compounds. It improves lipid profile in the blood and has a minimum effect on the blood glucose as compared to sugar.
  • Sucralose is 500 tines sweeter than the table sugar. It is present in the protein powders & the products claiming to be “low carb”. Personally, I’m not a fan of them.
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener produced from the sunflower family. It is 300 times sweeter than the table sugar. It comes in a variety of flavours & form like tablets and drops too. It has the minimum effect on blood glucose.
  • You can pick to consume natural sugar from the fruits & sweetness instead of sugar and train your body gradually by decreasing the consumption of sugar. Not all at once.
  • There will be times when you crave for sugar badly! Accept that it’s just a natural thing & nothing bad first. Do not run for the sugar in reach. Sit and analyse why is your body craving for it? It could be because of various reasons, the most common being stress, nervousness, anxiety! Engage yourself in some physical activity if you can & fight it. 💪🏻
  • Do not keep sugary syrups, cream biscuits, confectioneries in the house or at the work desk which is easily accessible. When they aren’t easily available, the consumptions will be automatically less! 😉

Alcohol and blood sugar : We all know that alcohol has 0 nutrient value & has high level of sugar value! Alcohol reduces the blood sugar level even in the occasional drinkers. Pick your drink correctly, try to have minimum amount & remember that cocktails are loaded with sugars! For every glass of alcohol, drink one glass of water to keep yourself hydrated. Never drink on empty stomach, food slows down the absorption of alcohol hence the damage is drastically less.

  • Remember that sugar addiction builds over the years & it will take time to get a control on it so Do not give up.

  • Exercise! Sugar gives you a feel good by releasing serotonins hormones which are also produced when you are working out! Get addicted to the better high in life. 😜

If you have to have sugar, have it immediately after your workout as your metabolism is really high that time. It will burn faster & get converted into glycogen which is a fuel for your muscles!

Having your favorite dessert once in a while or grabbing a drink with your friends is completely okay as long as you know how to deal with them and aren’t abusing the body with sugars. Stay healthy! ❤️

Sex drive

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