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Heidelberg - 14

Heidelberg boasts of the world’s largest (reputedly) wine vat, the Heidelberg Tun. The guide boasted that it held 250,000 litres of wine. Wikipedia claims a little less. 41 more words


Pregnant wife practices swaddling on confused pup. “WTF, Susan?”

Pregnant wife practices swaddling on confused pup. “WTF, Susan?”


My favorite photograph

This is my favorite photo because it captures the beauty of our planet. The sunset is magnificent, the ocean and the clouds. It was taken by sunriseandsunset.

I was there.... Waiting for you!

I waited there, under our pine tree,
And I went there for many more days,
Hoping you would come one day.

It was futile, I was told, 231 more words


My Favorite Photograph

Wave photographer Clarke Little captured this picture during a morning photo session from inside the tube. I really like how this photographer captured this moment and how he also included the mountains in this picture.

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Tip 1: Optimize for Keywords.

It’s not just enough to write a blog post, do the necessary edits, put a nice image and hit publish. 100 more words