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The Loud House: Turn Up the Volume

There are eleven children in the Loud household: Lori the eldest is always on her phone; Leni the second eldest is fashionable and ditzy; Luna is a rock musician; Luan is an aspiring comedian; Lynn is an athlete who loves sports; Lincoln the middle child is the only boy; Lucy is a pale-skinned goth; Lana is a tomboy who enjoys building and fixing things; her twin sister, Lola, loves wearing pink dresses; Lisa is a child prodigy, and Lily is a baby. 7 more words


Late Nights

I should start this one off by thanking all the wives and girlfriends first for being so understanding and supportive of this recreational sport we all enjoy so much. 428 more words


Tips and Tricks for the Wedding Album of Your Dreams

In the last few years, wedding photography has become highly creative. Sydney wedding photographers are now going beyond conventional frames and compositions to forage into a whole new world of photography and are coming up with great results. 488 more words


Why was Rusty Metals Photography started???

 I thought it was so unique that I got this question, and my response I felt was something that kind of blew me away when I thought about it. 175 more words

Marathon training week 3 (of 12) - Race #4

The theme for this week was:  “Run in the morning or not at all.”


I started this week out with an ambitious plan.  But life and baby quickly got in the way.   597 more words