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Give life to tomorrow’s memories!🌬

  • I know it’s so important to enjoy the moment. But capturing our happy moments is what matters most! 📸💛
  • Pictures will give life to tomorrow’s memories by reminding us of the old days and helping us to recall our most cherished memories.🌃💜. 29 more words

    Plane studies, and I feel stuck right now

    I’m on one of those really annoying plateaus where it seems like I’m not making any progress at all but really I’m inching along steadily. The lack of visually stimulating success is eating at me. 360 more words


    Plane Photos!!

    /// I feel like I’ve been doing so many photo/drawing posts lately XD 163 more words


    We look a lot different

    This is us exactly 25 years after we were married at the First United Methodist Church in Medina, Tennessee. No, I’m not posting a picture of us back then. 65 more words


    Three Views

    Sunday morning rounds walking Delilah and tending to the chickens in the fabulous early sunlight led to these three views…

    I took off my gloves to use the camera and they became the subject in this frame. 76 more words