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There is something quite magical about photographs , they capture a memory ,thought, feeling all in a millisecond in time. A good photo will engage it’s audience and create an emotion. 150 more words

Wood Pidgeon (Columba palumbus)

Saw this big guy on campus one day, kinda majestic looking. So I thought he would make a cool photo and turned out he did.


Wild (days 22-24)

 I started at a new yoga studio this week! I’m finally done traveling (for now at least), so I’m back home in Houston for the time being. 156 more words

Pidgin Portraits

Pidgins scrapping around for food is no different to business people scrapping around for work. Some are smarter than others.



Apple Crumble for One

It can be tricky being the only person in the house who is eating sugar, hence a request from the wee boy for apple crumble a few days ago, has not really had the attention paid to it that usually, it would. 226 more words

A pidgeon in a puddle

A pidgeon sits in a puddle in downtown Frankfurt, Jan.2, as all snow is gone now, sadly.