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Hello HumanFriend, I’m back

Yes … now I’m right in the picture

I love to sit on the bird-boxes
but it’s a pitty I can’t reach the sunflower seeds!

-visitor Miss Tilly

Ready ... set ...

Ready … set …

… go …

… too late!

– Charlie

Rainy day

Hello Human, just taking shelter from the rain

… on second thoughts … I just might have a quick look for leftovers.

Nope … well it’s dry now … I’m off, bye kitties.

– visitor Miss Tilly

Sunny afternoon

I love to lay back in the sun and just chill out on the balcony, with HumanMom relaxed sipping her coffee.

Hello there Miss Tilly, have you come for the crumbs little Blue Tit and the Great Tit left behind? 41 more words

8 September 2017

Good travels, la Stewarda.

Leider ist diese Taube nachmittags gegen unser Wohnzimmerfenster geprallt und auf dem Boden verendet.

In Between

Pecking Order Review- An Affable 'Flockumentary'

This New Zealand tale of poultry pageantry details an obscure hobby with both humour and sobriety

Each year chicken, bantam, pigeon and assorted other bird enthusiasts gather at a national convention in Oamaru, New Zealand to decide whose creatures are the best looking of all. 471 more words