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Social Place | 3.5 | $$$$

The pièce de résistance of this experience was the squid ink fresh custard dumpling. Garnished with a flash of edible gold paint, this eerie dumpling was filled with creamy custardy goodness.

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Hello HumanFriend, I’m back

Yes … now I’m right in the picture

I love to sit on the bird-boxes
but it’s a pitty I can’t reach the sunflower seeds!

-visitor Miss Tilly

Ready ... set ...

Ready … set …

… go …

… too late!

– Charlie

Rainy day

Hello Human, just taking shelter from the rain

… on second thoughts … I just might have a quick look for leftovers.

Nope … well it’s dry now … I’m off, bye kitties.

– visitor Miss Tilly