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Classic Saskatoon pie

The Saskatoon berries in Southern Alberta this year have been abundant, large and juicy.  My dad has been out picking them by the bag full, so of course I needed to make them into a pie.   288 more words


Second day pie crust blues...

There are few things more heavenly than a pie, hot from the oven, with crust that flakes into buttery delirium-inducing bits when you slice into it.   177 more words

Apple Pie

What is more American than apple pie? Honestly, I can’t think of a dessert that symbolizes our culture more than it. It can be adjusted and tweaked according to the season. 789 more words


Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberries were not quite out when I started tinkering with this. This is the edited version, as the test version came out a bit too sweet and too heavy on the cardamom. 304 more words


Whole Wheat Pie Dough

I have a lot of feelings about pie crust. Namely, that it should be easy, homemade, have defined flaky layers, and be insanely delicious. No hard, crunchy, cardboard-flavored crusts for me, thanks. 599 more words

Pies & Pie Bars

kohlrabi and carrot gluten-free, dairy-free, starch-free vegetarian quiche

Hello neighbors ! I hope you are all well. Over her our « Bretton » children are with us and once again I have the pleasure of cooking for a whole family! 540 more words

Sulfite Free

In the Kitchen today & Hysa House Pie Dough

What: Blueberry Pie
Where: The Art of Simple Food
Who: Alice Waters

This really needs no fanfare. It’s its own parade.

Waters calls for 6 cups of blueberries; I used frozen wild blueberries (I did not defrost them before mixing them together with the other filling ingredients). 507 more words

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