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10. Fresh-Out-Of-The-Oven Cherry Pie

I got a bit carried away at the grocery store a few days ago – this tends to happen to me at this time of the year – and as I took stock of the fridge this morning, I realized I had purchased several peaches that were about to become over-ripe, one massive watermelon, and a big bag of the most delicious cherries you have ever tasted.   409 more words


Peach Galette with Liz Prueitt's Rugelach Dough

Summer is a fast-moving golden snitch, and I’m riding an extremely slow Comet 260. In other words, it feels like summer just began but in reality it’s already more than halfway over. 1,452 more words

Lemon Curd Mini Pies

Every once in a while, I get a baking attack. I see something on Pinterest, and my brain explodes with “I HAVE TO MAKE THAT RIIIIIGHT NOW!” and then I run into the kitchen and bake away.(what really stinks is when I’m half way through and realize I don’t have an important ingredient ) 215 more words


I'm new to this.

Apple Galette – recipe at the bottom

I’ve had blogs through tumblr for years, and finally decided to begin using one for my obsession with food. 1,057 more words

Perfect All-Butter Pie Crust

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’m currently in school full time and I work 2 jobs – so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog! 579 more words


No Tears Pie Crust

I say no tears because it’s so simple that it’s hard to mess up. Lets be real for a second though, sometimes even the best laid out plans fail so don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t work out. 333 more words