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Mini Apple Galettes With Bourbon Caramel Sauce

I’m now obsessed with making galettes. They are the easiest dessert I’ve ever made! They can also be sweet or savory with any fillings that you have on hand. 376 more words


The Perfect Peach Pie

Stop what you’re doing and make this right now. Seriously. This is a super simple recipe that highlights one of the best things about summer- peaches. 366 more words


Strawberries galore!

We spent some time this weekend in Southern Alberta visiting friends.  Many times in the past we have gone to pick berries while visiting, and this time was no different from before.   195 more words


Peach-Blueberry Pie

As the bittersweet arrival of the last of the northwest blueberries coincides with the happy coming of the first glorious Colorado peaches, the two together feel exactly like a match made in heaven in my kitchen on a beautiful cool morning.   1,481 more words


Classic Saskatoon pie

The Saskatoon berries in Southern Alberta this year have been abundant, large and juicy.  My dad has been out picking them by the bag full, so of course I needed to make them into a pie.   288 more words


Second day pie crust blues...

There are few things more heavenly than a pie, hot from the oven, with crust that flakes into buttery delirium-inducing bits when you slice into it.   177 more words

Apple Pie

What is more American than apple pie? Honestly, I can’t think of a dessert that symbolizes our culture more than it. It can be adjusted and tweaked according to the season. 789 more words