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Hello 2017! It's been awhile

I feel as though sometimes I have the attention span of a fly. It has been just about 3 months since I last posted anything and there has been oh so much baking that has happened in that short time span. 943 more words

Italian pumpkin pie

Today we’re gonna cook an Italian traditional pie, the recipe comes from my region Emilia-Romagna and it has been kindly handed down by a friend of mine, expert in cooking :) . 249 more words


My 1st Homemade Pumpkin Pie

This was the first pumpkin pie I ever made – completely from scratch! I took it to my friends place who had invited me over for Thanksgiving  dinner that year because I couldn’t make it home due to weather. 102 more words

Shoot Who You Are

GF Hot Chocolate Pie

I’ve been trying lately to post more savory recipes and things that I actually eat, but sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself. And although I made this for a market, and I don’t typically share recipes that I sell, I decided to make an exception since I won’t be making them for another year. 753 more words


Throwback to the Reason I Gained Weight on Vacation

This was a banana cream pie that I got in Emeril’s Tchoup Chop and was 9 inches tall and weighed about 3/4 of apound. Yes I ate the whole damn thing.

Turkey, Bacon and Leek Pie

This is my favourite pie and a great way to use your Sunday roast leftovers. I used turkey in this as it was the leftovers from our Christmas dinner but it works very well with chicken. 152 more words



In a large stockpot combine:

1 large onion, chopped

1 bag (vegan) noodles

2 boxes chickenless stock

1 bag of frozen peas and carrots

1 bag of frozen corn… 85 more words