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Terror and Baper

A shame to say, it’s just the start of October, everyone’s doing Inktober and yet I’m being depressed for no concrete reason, probably due to baper (b… 499 more words

Piece Of Mind

How The Old Ones Never Get Old To Old Ears

The new Iron Maiden album The Book Of Souls has been released to a predictable round of critical acclaim, with music journalists lining up to declare it a masterpiece, a tour de force and the sound of a band hitting a career high. 571 more words

The Board

To liven up my room, I like to put some posters of my favorite characters or shows. But there was a time when my mom didn’t want  me to put posters in my room. 372 more words

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The Naive Return

How long had I abandoned this blog? Okay, maybe not really abandoning, because I still does post some new pages here and there, like my… 600 more words

Piece Of Mind

Simple Things

MJ’s Words: Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt stressed or uneasy? A lot of that has a lot to do with what we opened our minds to before falling asleep. 398 more words


Finding my peace in Thailand

When I left Bangkok for Phuket on the evening of the 31st, my mind was all over the place, my thoughts an utter mess. I sat at the gate pondering all sorts of deep questions; How do I define happiness? 323 more words


A Piece of Mind

The watery mirror
Still, without any ripple
Stifled and stilted
Holding the sky
Yet, the sense

A mind, without waves.

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