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Honor (A short story)

The wind was pressing against the chieftain aching body. After days and days of trailing the enemy, now it has come to make things right. 509 more words


The mirror inside

I close my eyes

Again past the darkness there is an ember

A bright arch of light from behind a charred black heart

long burnt from eyes of others cast in scorn… 75 more words


The New Me 

Let time witness my pain

For I grow from the grounds fertile with my decaying past

From  bones turned asunder and crumbling ash

I emerge into the scalding light of day…

41 more words

Triton (Memoir of a blue dream)

How many moons have passed?
And now as I approach my thirty-third summer of bashful boyhood, I fully accept the mold of a stern man. I come back to you again in this damp spot when I first saw you many years ago. 710 more words



Hi there!

When I first met Brax and Idal they were living
a fairy tale marriage.
They had a big country house, three cars and… 555 more words


Breathe me

A poem “is a humming, a keening, a laughing a sighing at down, a wild soft laughter”1

It is all these things and beyond others… 196 more words


A new day.

If it could, my shaddow would dance away.

As my crumbling self would succumb under the weight of my thoughts.

We sing our sighs in chorus. 140 more words