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Let's catch up!

I’ve been gone for quite a while now. Instead of me trying to explain everything, I thought it would be easier to insert an excerpt from my diary. 524 more words


A piece of mind (Shout Out)

You have ever had this everlasting feeling of being stuck between a devil and a deep sea. A series of incidents and circumstances where you feel damned if you do and damned if you don’t. 162 more words


Strong Coffee

I’ve recently ( as in yesterday) started to train myself to drink coffee without sugar. I refuse to give up coffee, mostly for myself, but also partially for the benefit of others as I am extremely angry and bitter without it. 733 more words

Grey and Blue

The symphony courses through me and oscillates to my heartbeat.

All of me is spread out like a field of yellow daffodils.

The charred night sky stands resolute as I stare at the empty womb of stars. 226 more words

Piece Of Mind

Reducing Debt

It’s a wrap. I posted the Land Rover for sale Wednesday and sold it Thursday. I loved the Rover, it was the best riding vehicle I have ever driven but after 12 years it was time to let her go. 78 more words

Frugal Ideas

Record My Eulogy

These are dangerous times we live in. The shadow of terrorism has been cast over all of us. I am constantly worried that something will happen and I won’t have said everything  I want to say to my loved ones. 126 more words



it z verY simPLe 2 get throUgh me…

n I regret, a feW r uNfortunate tO unDerstand!

Piece Of Mind#