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27 days...

After 27 days of watching him walk right into loving me….

He came with those stars, and that moon and his kiss.

Strong with love, laced with lust, he held me like tomorrow was ours. 150 more words

Mind Matters

Agent來郵 (之一)

Agent即中間人,是一種本身沒有貨賣的買賣專業,站在一兩個對家之間賣知識、賣經驗。中間人的尊嚴也在於其態度夠不夠「中間」,也在於其專業gesture 。

去年大概這個時候,認識了兩位agent,一位是head hunter,一位是回港才認識的升學顧問,這兩天兩位分別因為某些事再次聯絡我。前者在我去年離澳前幾天找我見香港的一份工,我一看細節,吸引但小妹的資格好像差很遠,於是我回信婉拒並附上我的新CV,看她有沒有其他好介紹。她致電我說人家看了我的CV,想跟我見個面。下? 怎麼可以先把我的CV給了對方? 不過那公司很有規模,我倒想去看看,於是答應了。

那agent小姐竟然直接告訴我她不了解我這一行是做甚麼的,要我解釋,後來她傳來interview note,內容是我會見誰,對方有甚麼要求等等(畫公仔畫出腸到一個地步,她寫著: this is a tough person, if she ask if you can OT, you must say yes)。這個我看來是「攻略」,而沒有真正讓我知道自己是否一個perfect match,也不覺得有被尊重…不過,這可是增加了我的勝算的。 128 more words

Bucket List

I think I want to create a bucket list….not the list of places in the world I would like to go, or famous people I would love to meet, but a bucket list of personal goals or achievements, or things that I could do for my own piece of mind, things that would help me heal from all of this hurt and heartache, and grow as an individual, as a single unit, as I for so long have thought of myself as an equal half in a life that consisted of two.   664 more words

Positive Outlook

Tomb Temple

If I knew the moment that my temple became a tomb what would I trade to keep this child that now rests in peace in my womb? 153 more words

Mind Matters


I guess he found comfort with his chest pressed to my back.
“I love you” dripped from his lips.
But I just continued to rotate my hips… 288 more words

Mind Matters

Take it all back

Take it all back..
Her body quivers in my arms and all I can do is close her eye lids
I couldn’t bare looking into those tear drenched eyes… 274 more words

Mind Matters

Wise choice...

We should take our time,
Because it will take time for you to find me and you’ll enjoy the journey in getting there.

We should take our time, 158 more words

Mind Matters