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Hi there!

When I first met Brax and Idal they were living
a fairy tale marriage.
They had a big country house, three cars and… 555 more words


Breathe me

A poem “is a humming, a keening, a laughing a sighing at down, a wild soft laughter”1

It is all these things and beyond others… 190 more words


Gift Me with Truth

Recently on a trip to my favorite library, I saw a plant—gorgeous, translucent pale apricot-amber—growing alongside a tree.  Not being very knowledgeable about nature stuff, I tried to “google” it and got nowhere.  373 more words


A new day.

If it could, my shaddow would dance away.

As my crumbling self would succumb under the weight of my thoughts.

We sing our sighs in chorus. 140 more words


Confessions from my other self

Here is where we meet again. Where dead poets conjure and the living visit while they sleep.

Here is from where my fingers tell tales ,as they nibble my keyboard and the scrubbling papers… 267 more words


Using Reader Comments ~ for Better or Worse

Sometimes I wonder why readers only “Like”, and don’t leave a word or 2 about what they liked about my post… But I think the answer has come to me— 294 more words


Happiness and Misery

The contrary is also true.

I cannot stress enough how difficult this is when the sick part in question is actually the mind. How can I gather all my positivity and strength when I’ve lost it all already? 350 more words