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COMPENDIUM - Iron Maiden: 1981 - 1988

YE GODS! How can I possibly pick one track from this wealth of classic albums? I’ll try, damn it……. 1,431 more words


Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Live)

Song is 30 fucking years old and still rocks my fuckin’ socks… 207 more words

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Awkward Laughing Moment

How should you react after that awkward moment when you laugh at something someone said and just later realise the person was absolutely serious?

I was talking to this client of mine about a variety of subjects when he says: “OK, let’s talk about politics.” I immediately started laughing and said: “Yeah, right!” As in: “you are kidding right?!” But I didn’t have much time to actually say it. 95 more words


Iron Maiden - Remember the Alamo

Iron Maiden in addition to usually having fantastic artwork are well known for shirts with show or region specific artwork. This one from is 1983 when they were supporting their fantastic Piece of mind album. 87 more words

Piece Of Mind

Piece Of Mind http://ift.tt/1zc9yr0 +naturephotographie +500px April 13, 2015 at 10:11AM: Feel free to visit my website and see some of my works.
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The Story of Our Lives

Many people can sit back and write a story within minutes or some within hours of brain storming, but as always there’s another story being written and that story is our lives. 54 more words

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