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Mosiac and Shadows

In this design I have used all three layers of design … a quilt top constructed of pieced and applique blocks, a little bit of applique added over the pieced blocks, and some quilting. 41 more words


9 patch'n'Apps 7x7 3 and 3

I like it … in particular the washed out blocks around the outside which create not quite empty space. That not quite empty space has the advantage of some indication of a quilting design rather than just open space. 33 more words


Annie Clover and Pieces 9 and 10

Love this one …

… not so much this one.

 The only difference is that I have added a touch of lighter fabric to the blocks in the outer corners, but now they compete with the centre for attention.


Sunflowers and Mushrooms 29

Looking forward to the time of year when Australia turns green and gold … green grass and golden wattle! By the end of winter there is green grass, crops are about to change from green to gold as they ripen, and wattle trees and shrubs (Acacia) burst into bloom in every shade of yellow and gold you can imagine. 35 more words


Annie Clover and Pieces 6

I have got to know those colours intimately over the last few days … on Saturday as I was racing to meet the floor I had an altercation with either the fire poker or the wooden box I was carrying. 115 more words


Pieced, Patched and Pretty One 5 and 6

The centre looks to be suspended by the crosses!

I checked the next design in the project, and in this one the centre is just floating without anything tying it to the outer border. 46 more words


Annie Clover pieces 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and Giveaway

If you check out the Electric Quilt newsletter for May you may find a file to download featuring a quilt looking much like the one above. 369 more words