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EQ7 Playtime 6, 7, 8

I started playing with EQ7 about five minutes after it arrived on the doorstep … about three years ago.

Browsed through block and fabric libraries, checking out new additions and old favourites, clicked on some of them to add them to a project file, and started trying out the new features. 19 more words


Patricia's Patches Op Quilted

Playing with EQ6 for a short period reminded me how much EQ7 had improved the quilting layer, particularly being able to place the blocks more easily. 10 more words


Patricia's Patches Quilted 4

I love it!

Particularly the peacocks creating a cute little curve.

The quilting looks good too.


Patricia's Patches 3

Another of the lost project files.

I really did intend to keep these files in EQ6, but I have obviously chosen to forget that I do still own EQ6, and even EQ5, because I have a new love … EQ7. 23 more words


Tangled Irish Chain Apps 3, 4

I managed to work out what I was thinking when I added applique blocks to the Tangled Irish Chain Blues project file … after my third coffee of the day! 108 more words


EQ Mods 13

From the same collection of blocks and fabrics as yesterday’s design … but before I tipped them over!

I had forgotten some of the modifications I had made in this project file, but I like them.


Garden Festival 6

Love it!

Started while demonstrating at our state guild exhibition a couple of years ago, but I have played with it several times since, and the collection of virtual quilts is growing in this project file.