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Annie Clover and Pieces 26

Moving in!

Love the design, and rather liking the house even in the current state of disorder!


Patricia's Patches OP Quilted 7

Love it, especially those low contrast pieced blocks in the corners!

On the road today … looking for a new place to live!

(We actually know where it is, but it feels more like a new adventure!)


EQ Dozen Again 3, 4

This series grew directly from the original EQ Dozen series … I stuffed up the project file so may times I eventually transferred most of the used designs into a new project, and resorted the remainder into a usable collection again. 6 more words


EQ Dozen + 35

Same old blocks, change of background fabric, add some sashing that only appears in some places, not surrounding every block.

I love this one!


EQ Dozen OP 46

Over the next few days I will share some designs which grew from the first series I started when I realised that I might run out of quilt designs to share if I only used individual designs. 44 more words


Quilted Border Beauties 7

Love it.

Particularly love that shape in the centre … or rather, around the centre!

It happened while I was concentrating on creating a border design from pieced blocks. 6 more words