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Missing hearing aid

Hi everyone,

It would probably have been turned in by now if it was found, but C has lost his left hearing aid. It has blue and green on it. 32 more words


Dear opinionists,

You do not know a thing and, if you did, you still wouldn’t string a sentence eloquent, worth listening to.

I might never. True. But if I do, don’t think me wrong for not following your advice incrementally, because you wouldn’t follow it fractionally. 244 more words

Fulfilling the Law: Bottom Lines and 'Pieces of Flair'

The reading from the Gospel according to Matthew this Sunday (Matt 5:17-20) is, in addition to being one of those lengthy pericopes that lead to the young and old alike grumbling about “when will this Gospel end so I can sit down,” a very important text that is also oftentimes misread and misunderstood. 763 more words


Crazy Reading Glasses: Marian


I am missing a pair of reading glasses that I had this morning and were on my desk. They are pastel multi-colored with little rhinestones on the ends (you can’t miss them!). 34 more words

Things That Seem To Get Lost Over And Over Again

Facebook Faceoff

Dear Facebook,

I ♥ you. I really do.

But you’re full of it. (I’m trying to keep it clean here, people) 537 more words

Imitation Scarf, Imitation Scarf, Brain: Terry

somewhere in my travels yesterday I lost an imitation pashmina scarf (brown), if you find it let me know (the second one I’ve lost this week, am I getting old, or what?)

Things That Seem To Get Lost Over And Over Again