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Stockard Channing I Love you!!!

Since I try and start in the present….let’s start with the live version on Grease.  I think that as an actress you can aspire to a few things but topping Stockard Channing is not one of those things.  300 more words


Suddenly Gone

Ninety two is a long time to live, and I was lucky enough to have had my grandmother for this long.  I was completely taken by surprise when I heard the news today. 275 more words


Manage your property

I think I’ve said this before, but aside from working at Pier 1 for over 2 years, home decor is in my blood. My Grandma Suzanne was an extremely talented interior designer, that rubbed off on my mom, and I then inherited the gene. 411 more words


Just Looking!

This week I braved the maddening crowds to do some last Christmas shopping.  It so happens that the places I had to go are close to some of my favorite stores–Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Pier One, Williams Sonoma–and I couldn’t resist going in to see what fun things were there for holiday tables. 324 more words


Swag Out Your Small Space!!!

Living in a small space and making it home requires a little tender loving care. Studio or tiny apartments, dens, and family areas can be just as snazzy as large homes with the right decor. 172 more words


Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

This year I was lucky enough to actually get a few peaches off my peach tree before the bears got them. They aren’t the best kind of peaches, clingstones without a lot of peach flesh, but what can one expect from a wild peach? 512 more words