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Steele Trap - 9

NOTE: Sorry my posts have been so sporadic. Technology issues. Anyway, we last left Mr. Steele performing an ad-hoc post-mortem on Miss May, diagnosing a fatal case of the giggles. 555 more words

Season 1

The James Bond Rewatch: GOLDENEYE (1995)

After a six year hiatus a new Bond (played by an Irishman!) emerges, the first to tackle the shifting politics of the post-Cold War era. 1,098 more words

James Bond

The Daniel Craig James Bond Movies

I think Daniel Craig is an excellent action movie actor, but I am very happy to hear that he is moving on from James Bond… 892 more words


Top 5 James Bond Movies

There are differing views about which James Bond actor is the best and which movies rock the most. The best 007 actor for die-hard fanatics of the series is without a doubt Sean Connery, which explains the choice of mostly the older James Bond movies in this review. 182 more words


The Big Bond Debate

By Eoin Stafford
***Contains spoilers for 007 movies***

There has been somewhat of a feminist debate bubbling between James Bond stars, new and old. It all started last month when Daniel Craig stated this his Bond was far less sexist than his predecessors. 869 more words


SPECTRE - Final trailer

The final trailer for the latest James Bond film has been released and I’m rather excited about the whole thing.

A couple of months ago when the first trailer came out I realised that I’d actually never been to the cinema to see a James Bond film. 117 more words


2 Movies 1 Moment: When a Man Wearing a Dress is More Than Just For Laughs

Men dressing as women in theater is certainly nothing new as actors were exclusively male for centuries. In modern times, the sight of a man in women’s clothes is mostly used for a gag,¬†and has allowed many of Hollywood’s more manly men to get a laugh in drag. 1,121 more words

2 Movies 1 Moment