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Die Another Day and Hiding in the Past

There comes a certain time in your life when you realize that all movies aren’t great. When you’re a kid you kind of love everything, and going to the theater is such a treat that you just kind of get swept up in the experience and thoroughly enjoy everything you see. 2,378 more words

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The World is Not Enough and Women

We’ve reached an oddly momentous occasion here on this Bondathon rewatch. Because today’s film, The World Is Not Enough, while being one of the films I have the most conflicting opinions on, is also the first Bond movie I believe I ever saw. 2,536 more words

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Tomorrow Never Dies and the Proper Bond Story

Well everyone, it’s time to discuss Pierce Brosnan’s second entry to the James Bond series, Tomorrow Never Dies. And, let me tell you, it’s not one of my favorites. 2,399 more words

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GoldenEye and the Post-Cold War Bond

Well everyone, we’ve made it into another bold new era. That’s right, after the six year hiatus where a bunch of legal matters were dealt with it’s time for a new Bond flick. 2,293 more words

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The Love Punch

When Richard’s company gets bought out by a bigger company, he and his colleagues see their retirement fund disappear overnight. With the prospect of not being able to support his daughter just off to college, Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and his ex-wife, Kate (Emma Thompson) appeal to the young new director who – surprise! 267 more words


Remembering that 1989-95 007 hiatus

Our post the other day about the anniversary of Licence to Kill’s release got the blog to thinking about what followed: The six-year hiatus in James Bond film production. 593 more words

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Here’s the poster for The Only Living Boy In New York. Out on August 11.