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Community Game Night

August 10, 2015-August 11, 2015 – The characters of Community were playing a board game. Jeff was close to the winning space. Pierce was way behind everyone – only about halfway through. 39 more words


My Top Ten Favorite Community Episodes!

On March 17th, Community, my favorite show will begin its long awaited sixth season. I’ve been looking forward to this more and more as time goes on; so in honor of the sixth season, here are my top 10 favorite episodes from the first five seasons! 2,940 more words


Belle (Top 100 #54): or, the Penny Dreadful

To set the scene: Belle, seventeen-year-old innocent-turned-high-class-prostitute is imprisoned by a crazed pimp-turned-rapist, then rescued by the heroic and dashing Etienne, a significantly older, repentant sinner partly responsible for Belle’s initial sale into the sex trade and with whom she not-so-secretly wants to have sex. 1,008 more words

Whitcoulls Top 100

Meet The Geekdom: Community

First airing on NBC in 2009, Community centres around an arrogant disgraced former lawyer after he’s disbarred – his law degree was fake. He enrols at Greendale Community College in order to do the bare minimum to scrape a real degree and go back to his swanky lawyer life. 880 more words


Chevy Chase and Community Reunite for Season 6

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Pierce Hawthorne, Greendale’s wealthiest, “streets ahead” student will appear at least once during the upcoming sixth season of Community, Chevy Chase… 202 more words


'Baste Your Chubby Cheeks In Tears Of Gravy!': Remembering Pierce Hawthorne's Finest 'Community' Moments

Pierce Hawthorne’s time at Greendale Community College ended far to soon. After the fourth season, Chevy Chase — who feuded with Community creator Dan Harmon frequently — left the show, and Pierce was killed off at the beginning of Season 5. 416 more words


At Least It Was Here - "Community" Rewatch S1E2 Spanish 101

Britta: Will you guys have some respect? You are obsessing over someone who does not give you a second thought. Meanwhile, in Guatemala, journalists are being killed by their own government. 1,177 more words