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My tattoos and piercings: what I have now, and what I would like in the future

I was an alternative girl since the age of 11. As soon as I started secondary school, I fell in with the ’emo’ and alternative crowd, and became obsessed with the music that went with the look. 1,009 more words

Recovering Me

Mom-ing is hard business. We all know this. All moms have their own challenges, be she a SAHM or a working-outside-the-home mom. It’s all hard. My own challenge to this SAHM gig is that while it might SEEM to be the life of leisure, most days I feel like a trapped animal. 942 more words



Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, British informal 

One’s grandmother.

“She hates the nights when she falls asleep not tucked up in bed. 321 more words