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A brimstone day

It is not an official day, but it may be for me. the place was full of yellow butterflies, and the Brimstone was the most present, I was glad I could touch one of them standing up without running away 35 more words


Between wildlife and crowded  cities, The large white appears ever where 

Family: Pieridae  – Specie: Pieris brassicae –  Common name : The large white

Between wildlife and crowded  cities, The large white appears ever where 48 more words


bath white

Family:Pieridae  – Specie: Pontia daplidice–  Common name : bath white


Southern small white

Family: Pieridae– Specie: Pieris mannii– common name: Southern small white 42 more words


Brimstone in a deep valley

Family: Pieridae– Specie: Gonepteryx rhamni– Common name: Brimstone

it was not so easy to take a photo for this butterfly at last we found both, male and female it in a deep valley at the mountains of Latakia… 45 more words


clouded yellow never get Quite

Family: Pieridae– Specie: Colias croceus– Common name: Clouded Yellow

Its verry common as its verry hard to get! after all, only one photo we can get from this butterfly


Pontia daplidice (Linnaeus, 1758)

This is a small white butterfly with a wingspan of 45 to 50 mm. The underside of the hindwing has a pattern of greenish blotches, which is characteristic of this species and easily identifies it from other in the family Pieridae. 131 more words

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