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More and More Salted Caramel Macarons

Is it even possible to be drowned in macarons of your own making?


Especially in my household, where I have gone wild with macaron making, and churned out a factory load. 246 more words

Eat Me

[Throwback] Parcours Gourmand, Lafayette Gourmet (Summer 2015)

Another event for (broke) food lovers.
This one was the second time I went to Paris for a day (yes, I did that twice within a month –that says a lot about how much I love… 2,449 more words

Free Food

Lemon Curd Macarons

When I first moved into the new flat, I was thankful to find out that it could bake a cake perfectly well. Then I got a hankering to bake macarons again; it had been a year since my last batch and wouldn’t it be a great test for the oven? 460 more words

Eat Me

Week 98: Cheesecake Mosaïc

 I am guilty of hoarding. And ever since I started baking, I am guilty of hoarding recipe books. And the name that appears time and time again on my book shelve is none other than the Picasso of Pastry, Pierre Hermé. 982 more words


Week 96: Lemon and chocolate hazelnut macarons

It has been a while since my last macaron bake. Honestly, sometimes I think that I can bake macarons in my sleep. I must have baked…hundreds! 557 more words


ME: *arrives in fifth most populous city in France* ME: “Nice.”

There are several reasons I came to France this summer. Three mainly. 1) To treat myself. I’m a big believer in treating myself; 2.) to do something special for my birthday, you’ll read about that later; and 3) to do intensive research on a novel I’ve been working on for nearly a decade. 1,245 more words


Ispahan Granita

Having missed a home run with my first try at the Ispahan flavor palette (though I’d say it was a respectable double, at least), I thought I’d give it another shot with the Ispahan Granita. 255 more words