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My 10 Favorite Things in Paris

I love Paris. Of course, I am far from the first person to say this. This city has captured many hearts, inspired beautiful works of art, and been home to some of the most influential writers in history. 1,913 more words

Debunking the Myth of the Macaron

There are many myths of the macaron, most of them concern the making of them (like aging the egg whites before blending), but the real myth of the macaron is the common belief among tourists that “La Durée makes the best macarons in Paris.”  The best macarons are actually from Pierre Hermé. 209 more words


Macaron Magic at Pierre Hermé

Macarons are evil. These bite-sized, girly-coloured meringue-based nuggets of sugary goodness somehow make most girls weak at the knees or lose their minds, not to mention very grabby and extremely possessive once they get their mitts on a box. 528 more words

Dessert & Puddings


I wander into pastry school each morning trusting that whatever Chef has in store for us will be fun, educational and delicious. I don’t get consumed with the schedule, or wonder what’s down the road too much; I just let things unfold as they are designed to do. 1,790 more words


Heerlijk zoete macarons voor Valentijnsdag

Ik ben door mijn foto’s aan het bladeren,

welke laatst in Parijs zijn geschoten

Mijn ogen vielen op deze heerlijke zoete macarons van Ladurée en Pierre Hermé 302 more words


Sweet delicious macarons for Valentine's day

I am looking at pictures taken last time in Paris,

and my eyes kept focused on these delicious looking macarons

Right now I am craving for some sweet macarons <3… 292 more words


Macarons in Paris

Once upon a time in Paris, there was a well-dressed young woman traveling with her friends who could not eat gluten. Not eat gluten in Paris?! 879 more words