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Ispahan Granita

Having missed a home run with my first try at the Ispahan flavor palette (though I’d say it was a respectable double, at least), I thought I’d give it another shot with the Ispahan Granita. 255 more words


Pierre Hermé, Miss Gla'Gla Montebello

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 9

Pierre Hermé, the pastry king, makes a variety of macaron ice cream sandwiches of which unfortunately only a handful are available in Japan. 104 more words

IPorn Aka Food Candy

Thankful Thursdays - Macarons

France has been the leader in beautiful sweets for who knows how long. Whether you indulge or not, any stop to a pâtisserie is a feast for the eyes. 133 more words


I (tried to make) macarons...

I made macarons. The French version. The Pierre Hermé kind of product. However mine did not look very Pierre Hermé….or Ladurée for that matter..

…. So I set out on the World Wide Web and found so many websites that tell you how to make them perfect that I have decided to conduct tests over the next couple of weeks because frankly there is a lot of advice but no way of knowing if it is good advice! 202 more words

Sweet Tooth

Heya Qahwa Time At Pierre Hermé

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.

 Pierre Hermé Cake Ispahan


Every girl deserves a trip to France

Every girl deserves a trip to France….especially my daughter. She got to ride her momma’s ride and now she understands why I love and need to go back as often as possible. 297 more words

THE OFF SEASON: macaron experiment #1

When I began my macaron baking adventures, one of the first books Mike gave me for reference was ‘Macarons by Pierre Herme’.  As I flipped through its glossy pages, I was in awe by the bold bright macaron colours and intrigued by the interesting flavour combos.   520 more words

The Off Season