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All kinds of Human trafficking: This is how it works

All kinds of Human trafficking: This is how it works

About 10 years ago, I went through a little bit of a hard time. So I decided to go see a therapist. 2,951 more words


the innovation recipe ...

What generates innovation? What is its essence? What is the secret formula that makes one more innovative than others? Why do some people seem to have a mind-predisposition to forecasting the future? 463 more words


Why aren't more wealthy Africans backing the continent's start-ups?

Any budding entrepreneur in Africa knows how difficult it is to raise capital for your business.

Yesterday, a founder of one of the more… 344 more words

By Chris Floyd

Source: Empire Burlesque

I don’t really want to go too far down the road on this when there are far more important things happening in the world, but really, take just a moment to look at the language…

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What’s behind Ukraine’s secret weapons deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

From Global Research, February 25, 2015
By Eric Zuesse

U.S. President Barack Obama apparently is going ahead with his plan for NATO missiles to be placed in Ukraine aimed against Moscow, but found a way to do it that won’t violate the warnings by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin against Washington’s directly supplying those arms to Ukraine (such as is demanded of Obama by congressional Republicans, and even by a few hawkish Democrats — all passionate supporters of Hillary Clinton). 2,276 more words

The Market for Secrets: A Truce Between 'Serial' and The Intercept

The Internet is many things, but it is one thing for sure: a market for secrets. From Wikileaks to the Sony hacks, the secret told online is a story that sticks, a gift that keeps regifting. 999 more words


E-commerce in the Philippines

In the recent days, former Philippine president and now Manila mayor Joseph Estrada praises DILG secretary Mar Roxas for establishing the e-commerce in the Philippines (when Mar was Erap’s DTI secretary), let’s take a lookback on how the e-commerce was started in the Philippines: 294 more words