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Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald: Greenwald & the Ghostly-Chilling Effects

This is the very important supplement to the Charlie Hebdo series I ran recently.

Let’s not have a double standard. Let’s hold the independent media accountable too. 2,271 more words

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The Intercept Issues Retraction and Corrections After Uncovering Reporter Fabrication

The Intercept has retracted one story and issued corrections to four others after finding that Juan Thompson, who was a staff reporter at the Pierre Omidyar-funded site until last month, had fabricated quotes and sources, and deceived his editors. 249 more words

Pierre Omidyar

For troubled teens, help is just a text away

For many teens in the millennial era, making a phone call is a foreign concept. Messaging and texting using a mobile phone is their primary way of communicating with friends and family. 424 more words


7 truly weird things eBay sold in its 20 year history

It’s been 20 years now since eBay, originally using the name AuctionWeb, was founded by Pierre Omidyar. The auction site, and more, has seen many changes, whether… 790 more words


All kinds of Human trafficking: This is how it works

All kinds of Human trafficking: This is how it works

About 10 years ago, I went through a little bit of a hard time. So I decided to go see a therapist. 2,951 more words


the innovation recipe ...

What generates innovation? What is its essence? What is the secret formula that makes one more innovative than others? Why do some people seem to have a mind-predisposition to forecasting the future? 463 more words


Why aren't more wealthy Africans backing the continent's start-ups?

Any budding entrepreneur in Africa knows how difficult it is to raise capital for your business.

Yesterday, a founder of one of the more… 344 more words