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Manufacturing isn’t what it used to be

PIERRE, S.D. – Tom Rogers is no stranger to manufacturing and contracting—in fact, his father was a contractor, so he grew up around the industry, even learned the trade himself. 813 more words


O Trono de Fogo - Livro

Escritora: Rick Riordan
Ano de Publicação: 2011
Gênero Literário: Distopia
Número de páginas: 398
Publicado no Brasil pela editora Intrínseca e traduzido por Débora Isidoro. 326 more words

South Dakota's Gas Belt Exposition

In 1907, boosters in the city of Pierre put together a week-long Gas Belt Exposition for “a showing by practical demonstration of the lighting, heating, and power of the natural gas that comes from artesian wells in and around Pierre.”  They added in an agricultural show, musical concerts, outdoor sports and ball games, aerial entertainments, “Indian attractions,” the Scotty Phillip buffalo herd, and boat excursions.  544 more words


6 Reasons We Should Watch Out For Burundi

by Natasha Hira. A British second year student who has mostly lived in Kenya, reading BA International Relations at the War Studies Department of King’s College London. 1,001 more words


Jason Pierre Paul -- Thumbs Nose At Critics ... I Can Still Lift Weights!


7-fingered bench press? No problem. 
After critics said Jason Pierre Paul‘s disfigured hand would be a huge hurdle when it comes to weight training, the NY Giants star hit the gym … to prove he can still lift weights, despite missing digits.  10 more words