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By piety’s standard,
a radiant guise,
refracting the levels
and measures of a true mirror–
woman, man, silence,
John Biscello

The Euthyphro Problem

Raise curtain, Socrates is sitting on the steps of a courthouse in ancient Greece, a few hundred years BC, waiting to go to be indicted by Meletus. 915 more words


Polytheism and Spiritual Pollution

Mention “miasma,” “pollution,” or “purity” in regards to Polytheism, and many Pagans will take umbrage with these terms. One reason is that Christianity has redefined these Polytheistic terms to match its theology. 688 more words


Confessions of a daughter: Filial piety

It was all because of filial piety

That started because we took pity

So we lavished her with all things pretty

Which life could not grant her previously. 208 more words


When Favoritism Ruins Piety!

The church has always been a place for healing the broken, embracing the unloved, lifting the downtrodden and caring for the poor and the orphaned. In short- a sanctuary that exhibits the heart of God as practically as possible. 1,106 more words

Social Issues

Notes on Plato's Euthyphro

Updated 7/30 (missing text in fifth paragraph entered)

Socrates and Euthyphro discuss piety. They meet before the offices of the magistrate in Athens who hears charges of for court cases involving religion. 3,553 more words

Pre-modern Art And Society