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Conversations with Kenaz - Part 8

The morning has been fruitful. Part 8 of these ongoing conversations is now live on Kenaz’s blog. 

You can read it here

Conversations we Ought to be Having -- Part 7

GK: I’m seeing an undercurrent seeping into the community (courtesy of the G&R cabal) of devotion, living a life of devotion, and focusing on devotion to the Gods as being an act of ‘privilege.’ Now obviously I disagree and in many cases this idea is being supported by individuals with a history of giving themselves excuse after excuse for why they cannot do the most basic acts of devotion to their Gods – which is ironic, considering the person who is speaking the loudest about privilege is currently on a European vacation paid for by his readers. 1,149 more words

A Gaelic polytheist reacts to 'Miasma' (Pt 1) - The Song of Amergin

This is a poem about the source of my gods’ power – and mine.

I am the wind on the sea.
I am the ocean wave. 1,718 more words


More Conversations we Ought to be Having: Part IV

I want to move our conversation away from politics for a moment to touch on two threads that I’ve been seeing emergent in Paganism and Polytheism lately. 1,271 more words

I have more in common with some atheists than I do with some Christians. This probably sounds odd coming from a Christian pastor. So I’m writing about key areas where I’ve found this common ground. 354 more words

Piety and Prudence in Vergil's Aeneid

As a suppliant fleeing the ashes of Ilium, Aeneas recounts his sufferings to the Carthaginian queen Dido, giving his own explanation of why their great civilization fell: 1,017 more words


Conversations We Need To Be Having

I’ve been talking to Kenaz Filan quite a bit of late, in light of the recent community brouhahahas (though we’re also old friends, going back more than a decade). 2,572 more words