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Turn Toward a Sacred Precinct Filled With Acceptance

‘Ā’isha al-Bā’ūnīyah (d. 1517) was a female Sufi master from Damascus, living in the twilight years of Mamluk rule and the very beginning of Ottoman control of the region. 301 more words


Piety !

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines piety as devotion to god. I encourage everyone to take that definition further in saying that you should be pious to everything that you do. 360 more words

Bradley Nicholson

Overcoming the World Through Piety: What is Piety? (1)

Do you ever feel overcome by the world?

Do you recall the times when you’ve put Christ to shame?

Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself when you’ve fallen again? 909 more words

Daily Living

Golden Soul

The golden soul wants to be more
Its impurities stay, won’t melt away
Though immeasurable, minutiae

The golden soul wants to take on god
To take first place for the sake of time… 39 more words


That's it! (Ascension Day)

That’s it!
To this conclusion came many who had seen the man with the crown of thorns on the way to the scaffold. Then, when there on the Skull Mountain the hammer blows resound in the dark night, so as if you nail up a coffin, the fate of God’s Servant seems to be sealed permanently and irrevocably. 240 more words


Review: Piety The Heartbeat of Reformed Theology by Joel R. Beeke

Joel Beeke. Piety: The Heartbeat of Reformed Theology.  Piety Phillipsburg, NJ:
Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, April 17th, 2015. 40 pp.

I have benefited greatly from the works of the author Joel Beeke who has been a great example of how one can be doctrinally strong, historically rooted while also embracing sound “experiential religion” with holy sanctification.  288 more words