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Piety through Wealth or Poverty?

What does Islam say about wealth? Is it better to be poor or rich? If someone pays £2,000 a month for rent and another pays £200 a month for rent, who is more pious? 555 more words


The 'Bad Bitch' Ontology

Most of us might have been accustomed to hearing someone being referred to as a ‘ bad bitch’, in either our own personal circles or most generally throughout our pop culture. 682 more words

Weekly Article

Discerners of the Discerning: Hypocrisy Cloaked in Piety

Last week Dave Miller, of SBC Voices, published an article entitled Peas in a Pod: The Self-Appointed Prophet/Discernment Enforcer Playbook which attempted to summarize the folly of charismaniacs and discerners in one fell swoop.   2,085 more words

The Pen

Free admission to Paradise

Jannah (Paradise) is open for all regardless of everything except your PIETY (Are you absolutely sure the religion you are following is the Right Path?) and GOOD DEEDS (Are you acting upon your faith?). 313 more words

Borrowed Ideas

Today A Fresh Start (Tanka)

Today…a fresh start

The living Christ has risen

As a reminder

Each year a chance to return

Him to his sacred namesake

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


To Give Us Jesus' Own Sentiments That Night

The Gift of Piety makes us realize that Communion is a participation in the sacrifice of the Cross perpetuated on our altars; a participation by which our Lord wishes to render our hearts like His Sacred Heart of priest and victim, and to associate us with the deepest sentiments He experienced when instituting the Holy Eucharist just before He went forth to die for us.
Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP (1877–1964) 


E.O.Wilson Quote

“Humanity, I argue, arose entirely on its own through an accumulated series of events during evolution. We are not predestined to reach any goal, nor are we answerable to any power but our own. 27 more words