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A Life of Piety in Christ

Father Guibert states: “In the person of Jesus Christ vouchsafes to make Himself seen and heard and touched, and He further vouchsafes to make His presence perceptible in our midst under the Eucharistic species until the end of time. 337 more words


Graces for Piety

In the previous two posts, we heard Father Guibert explain how, by means of piety, “the soul seeks God, takes possession of God, and lives on God.” Next, he elaborates upon the graces God gives to make these things possible. 356 more words


Finding God

Father Guibert explains what happens to the pious person who seeks God and finds Him: “Then it is that the soul enters into the possession of God. 306 more words


Seeking God

Father Guibert states that piety is the life of God within us. Piety seeks God, finds Him, becomes possessed of Him, and makes one participate in the very life of God. 348 more words


Pray the Rosary? But not too much… Francis and the counting of beads…

What joy for a mother to receive a flower form her little child! Her joy would surely be greater if her little one did not just offer her one rose, but a beautiful bouquet. 332 more words

John Paul II

Preserving Life Through Piety

Father Guibert notes that the fruit of a pious life is not confined within the soul. Rather, “it reveals itself outwardly, as inevitably as the rising sap in spring is revealed in the buds of plants. 405 more words


Piety Is a Kind of Life

Father Guibert remarks: “Activity in the living creature is subject to innumerable vicissitudes. It may increase in intensity, and its progress is brought out clearly by the manifestation of its happy effects; it may diminish so as to vanish altogether, and its manifestations then become less and less marked, until they disappear in death. 396 more words