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Satur's Day

Dogs winter beds.  Full of sheeps wool.

The chooks new roost and the new chooks.

Good morning. I  have lots of help with the chores today. 12 more words



The electricity problem is back.. not car batteries  this time but electric lights.  

Over the last 24 hours I have blown two lights in the barn, (the moment I switch the lights on – BAM they blow with a loud Tick), Sheila’s bedroom light, the outdoor lights on the verandah (both of them) my bedroom light (who needs a light in there anyway) and the washing machine pump spat the dummy (all over the floor  – which is fine I hate that basement floor anyway.) 315 more words


what the pigs are eating

This time of year the pigs are eating the best of the best.  Tall  green stalks of corn with the ears still on, sweet corn after our neighbors had all they wanted for the freezer.  201 more words



Life is sure changing fast! Well, it is changing fast for the Fast Foods chains AND for ME! Forget the fast food stores as they present swill to feed the American public. 171 more words


The circle of life (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Farming is all about finding a balance. For us farming is about putting something in and getting something back, be that food, pleasure or money from products sold. 45 more words

Aroha Farm

3 roosters is too many, unless you're a PIG!

When we got our chickens a few weeks ago now, (I totally forget how long it’s been but there have been a lot of eggs betwen then and now) we also purchased 3 roosters as part of the deal! 395 more words

Aroha Farm

More on the Rat (Piglet)

When we (by ‘we’ I mean Sasha) decided to take the piglet in, we were afraid that he would have to be bottle fed, but fortunately he immediately took to slurping up formula from a bowl. 293 more words