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Pigeon Pose for Trauma Release

When I first came to yoga, I used to dread hearing the yoga instructor (whom I was quite fond of!) start leading us into Pigeon Pose (known in Sanskrit as… 540 more words


Woman Problems

Trying to look sexy, yet doing the King Pigeon Pose is a hard task.

Some of the things that happen to you unaware

  1. You obviously get hair in your mouth…
  2. 71 more words

Geca does yoga ep14: mermaid pose

Here we’ll combine the pose of the day and the actual pose because…..

I finally did it!

I’ve always wanted this pose for the aesthetic of it. 192 more words


Why is Pigeon Pose so Awesome?

Before a yoga class begins, I like to ask students what they would like to focus on. Over half of the time, students shout out “hips”! 540 more words


As a freelance children’s book illustrator, my schedule fluctuates. Multiple projects have kept me busy in recent days and my work calendar for the coming weeks and months is packed. 499 more words


Pigeon Pose

The Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana) is a great asana (pose), that handles stiff hips. It comes from a group of asanas, known as the ‘hip openers’, which helps keep our lower bodies to be as supple as possible. 368 more words

Yoga And Meditation

A Hip-Opening Yoga Posture - Pigeon Pose

A committed humanitarian, Rathana Ung has followed a special call on her life to help those in need, especially in such as Cambodia. During one trip, she was able to help build more than 400 homes for people living in poverty there. 214 more words

Rathana Ung