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Flipping The Bird: My Love/Hate Relationship with Yoga's Bird Poses

We all know yoga isn’t just about the poses (it’s about Instagram likes – duh!), but let’s face it: Poses are fun. I love hearing practitioners’ opinions of certain shapes and how those relationships change over time. 1,825 more words


A Bone of Contention: A Phrase In The Running For Worst Yoga Cue Ever

“Try To Get Your Shin Parallel…”

I often hear this yoga cue as alignment instruction for one-legged king pigeon pose, eka pada raja kapotasana: “your shin should be parallel with the front edge of your mat.” If, after years of practice, you find yourself still waiting for the miraculous opening that will bring your shin to the edge, then this article is for you. 676 more words


Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge Day 3: Pigeon Pose

Jah Guide. Welcome to Day 3 of the Vibe & Flex Challenge. A challenge about your personal growth. Personal growth here is your mental, physical and spiritual journey to a better healthy you. 285 more words

Vibe Of The Day

Pigeon Pose Confession

Remember my post about my favorite splits poses? And pigeon pose, though a very photogenic hip opening pose, was not included? Well, simply because during practice, pigeon pose just knocks me out of zen mode. 262 more words

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Yoga to Increase Flexibility

The key to improving your flexibility is to take it slow and steady. Yoga for beginners entail participants to hold the stretches and poses for just 10 to 20 seconds in order to let the muscles lengthen little by little. 34 more words

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Zero Agenda Method

My heart medicine includes wandering around beautiful places like my beloved ‪Florence‬ with no plan.

This zero agenda method helps me to quiet that part of brain often bugging my ‪#‎heart‬ to”do something.” For me the antidote is therefore to practice the beauty of doing nothing, … 162 more words