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'The Last Chip,' by Duncan Beedie.

We are great fans of Duncan’s books in this household (‘The Lumberjack’s Beard’ was on a bedtime loop for quite some time!) so we were all thrilled to receive a copy of his newest title – ‘The Last Chip’ so we could be part of its blog tour.   387 more words


These are gemstones. They’re essentially sapphires, but red. As a child, this was my favorite gem (most children have favorite gems, especially now that Steven Universe exists) because I was under the impression that if you shined a light through a ruby it would turn into a laser. 61 more words



Here am I, a pigeon
learning aerodynamics
Afraid, blinking,
caught in the crossfire


Be A Pigeon

Animals are amazing, especially those that live in the city. If you think about it, humans are an invasive species. We kill off animals and devastate natural habitats to fit our needs. 497 more words




We didn’t exactly leap out of bed this morning but we both had things to do so we reluctantly made our way from our comfort space via a cup of tea to get ready for our Saturday morning activities. 536 more words

Random Thoughts


~ For A & From A, With Love ~

Pigeon – The harbinger of hope, happiness and harmony, and well, also a lot of other things. 1,665 more words