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Pigeon Pageantry

This is a 300-word FF on the theme of “Royalty”, for the Bloggers Bash competition… My second entry – this one’s less likely to get me a knighthood! 321 more words


PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (Ducula bicolour)

From the archives – mainly 2015.

The Pied Imperial Pigeon, (Ducula bicolour), is not an Australian bird species but I’ve got so many images from the Zoo’s Great Aviary, that I figure it deserves a mention on my Nature Blog. 247 more words


The open road

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew in Derby.  They had a spot of snow there.

We had a spot of snow too but not nearly so much as they did and this was the scene that welcomed us when we got up this morning. 353 more words


Birds in Flight

Birds in flight (BIF) is one of the most fascinating and in many respects most difficult parts of nature photography. It does not only require skill and experience but also proper equipment. 1,070 more words


1360. Newfoundland Street (1)

I’m not quite sure how this spot has passed me by until a couple of weeks ago. On the site where my old garage used to be – the place where I got my car MOTd – there is now a large development under construction. 175 more words