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A Pigeon with a Ambit-geon.

Feral Pigeon, Columba livia f. domestica. ♂ (Ger.: Stadttaube)

i am prone to calling them “flying rats” ❦ no offense to rats intended ❦ 61 more words


Dairy Farm (25/4/2015)

Decided to visit Dairy Farm Nature Reserve today to follow up on the efforts of the Red-crowned Barbet last week. As I approached the site however, there seemed to be so many people walking about the vicinity! 1,047 more words


That first post...


What will I add here as my first ever post? Well… It’s been a few hours I’ve been trying to figure that out and then I suddenly decided to add the most random thing I could find here on my computer. 199 more words

First Post

24 April 2015 -- #sketchaday, #SketchbookSkool, #SBSStretching

Today is another collage using elements I sketched and elements I printed on with acrylic ink. I used a coffee sleeve to do the printing, and I had lots of fun. 39 more words


Just a good shooting story!

With many thanks to our friends at The Shooting Wire for running this story. It is often forgotten that shooting is a not only international, but truly egalitarian in enabling everyone regardless of sex or infirmity to participate next to each other in their selected discipline.


It's About Shooting!

Lone pigeon : FFfAW week of 4-22-2015

For more information on the challenge visit : https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/fffaw-week-of-4-22-2015/


The train gone. The lonely pigeon waiting for the next one.

I sat waiting for 1:05 am train to start the home journey from Wellington back to Upper Hutt. 177 more words