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The Underworld

Pssst! Are you here for the rave?!?

This is what happens when I venture out to see new things…

More birds!!

I’ll give details, and some more interesting photos, later tonight.


Cooing & Crooning

Pigeons have a pretty bad reputation in London, or any city for that matter. People chase them off, put little spikes along ledges and even hire hawks to round them up! 144 more words

This is what life is all about

I used to keep the window of my toilet open, however, when I noticed that a pigeon (Kabootar..) sits there and raat khidki par hee guzaarta hai..pata nahi tabse hee..something within me pushed me to close the window so that kabootar achche se baith sakey, bina bhay ke ! 84 more words


When pigeons tweet

Pigeons don’t tweet, they make cooing noises. They don’t wear backpacks either. Usually. Well say hello to the new breed of backpack wearing, tweeting pigeons that might just save lives. 665 more words


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