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Bird Wire (3 takes)

It’s a moment that I’m after, a fleeting moment,

but not a frozen moment.

– Andrew Wyeth

Photos © 2016 Marta Saad


The Little Rock Zoo

Today we saw most of the Little Rock Zoo, including snake buddies in a bucket, a fancy pigeon, and a dumpy tree frog. I feel so bad for that little guy.


Daily Sketch 143 -Statues beware

A little known variety of sphinx is this rare mixture of pigeon and lion. Unfortunately, because of the addition of pigeon to the mix they grow no larger then a big house cat (which at times can be a little big but, not equal to their cousin in Greece which can be as large as a lion). 61 more words

Birmingham birds, pt.1

I have more bird photos coming – saw an ace heron the other day, looked like the ghost of Mick Jagger – but they’ll have to wait their turn. 91 more words


Simple Solution #1 - [Don't] feed the birds

Mary Poppins may have romanticized pigeons, but when it comes to roof longevity, you do not want feral pigeons honing back to your roof as their home. 114 more words