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Pigeon, water bottle and too much work

As a learning from yesterday I did a small change in my room to wake me up early. I removed the curtain to such a height so sunlight can shine on me as early as possible and make me bound to get up( that what I thought off). 211 more words


The definition of Columbus/Columbia/Columbine, District of Columbia by Florida Maquis ~ May 24, 2018

To be frank, this IS a pretty depressing video. In my study of spiritual issues, I have learned that ALL things exist on individual continuums: that is, black goes through stages of gray to become,  while hate, as well, will transcend through emotional stages  to move “up” into love. 278 more words

Nest Baby Doves

① memo 20180524 ~ Nest Baby Doves ~ Tree in our garden May 2012 , Holland


Rock Dove Bathing

Here we have a photo of a rock dove bathing.

Perhaps it is to cool down. Perhaps it is to remove dirt and maintain plumage. 68 more words


Close Shave... Missed!

Chinny-chin-chin… by the skin of your… your… tail feathers? Yep… missed magic moment? Do you occasionally, just occasionally, get the feeling you’ve arrived a second or three too late? 63 more words

The Birds And The Bees

The Closest Living Relative of the Extinct DoDo Bird

Living on the small islands and in the coastal regions of southeast Asia, the nicobar pigeon is the only living member related to the now extinct dodo bird. 75 more words