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This is Mr Pig. The mascot of Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. What does a grocery store have to do with living an amazing life? Two things really. 366 more words

How to Improve Your Marriage During a 1,000 Mile Car Trip

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of taking a 15-hour cross country road trip together. Well, maybe using the word pleasure is a bit strong.  485 more words

Starbucks, The Piggly Wiggly and the Sloth Among Us -

You know those enclosures in parking lots made to corral wandering shopping carts?? Yea … those. You’re with me. Right? The ones at my Super Target are made from the same brick as the store so they coordinate nicely with the surrounding buildings rather than stick out like the dirty plastic ones at the Piggly Wiggly ( 419 more words

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Spotlight on Keith Stewart, Author of "Bernadette Peters Hates Me"

Excerpt from Bernadette Peters Hates Me

Free Range Bird

I am obsessed with food, and not in the way that immediately comes to mind when a fat man types those words. 1,354 more words


Miss Laura Mae's House. Part 4


Once a month Miss Laura Mae caught a ride to the Piggly Wiggly with Mother so she could cash her check and get more for her money. 633 more words


Don't Start! Just Don't Start

Grocery shopping with Mother was a thrilling excursion. Until after I was three, Mother bought on credit at Darnell’s Store, the only store in our little neighborhood. 845 more words


April 9, 1940: Your Shopping Cart Is Empty

Sylvan Goldman was an idea man. One of his more persistent ideas led to his choice of careers. Actually, it was more than an idea — a concept, an eternal truth perhaps. 335 more words

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