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Minecraft chest piggy bank - a 5 min DIY upcycle

The tooth fairy has been visiting our house a lot lately.  My 6 year old has lost at least 3 teeth this month!  He had no where to store all the money he was finding under his pillow so we decided to make him a little piggy bank. 222 more words


Do you remember your first piggy bank?

Mine was Mexican. He was born and raised in Mexico before deciding that he would have a better future by pursuing the American Dream. He was large, bright red, and had flowers tattooed all over his ceramic body. 452 more words

Earn a little extra on the side

When you just cannot stretch your budget any further, what do you do? How do you make ends meet? Or maybe you are looking for a little extra dough to fund a long desired holiday.  1,042 more words


Saving With Crazy (1-5 tips)

So recently ( 2h ago) I decided to make this, I don’t really know how to call it, post series?

You see, I am not rich, nor am I poor, but once I was so obsessed with all of the books there is yet to purchase I became this obsessively money saving freak, because my dad wouldn’t buy new books before I would have read the ones I owned, but If I would buy them with my own money.. 794 more words


My Sister's Seriously Scrawny Piggy

My lovely sister decided to break open her piggy bank after a few years. Can you guess how much she saved up?

It was a cold Tuesday night. 551 more words


Saving the Old-fashioned Way

by Betty Owens

I have a confession to make–I’m not a coupon-cutter. I tend to be overwhelmed by the whole process. Even after spending time and energy cutting out coupons, I forget I have them. 530 more words

Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas...Oh My!

It's time for a Diet!

Okay! So as you all know summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means!!!! Beach, road trips, shopping for swim suits, and other wonderful things that summer has to offer. 536 more words