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The Pig Derby

Since I’m still sick, and nothing exciting is happening, I’ve got to write about the day that the pigs got out. Pigs are notorious escape artists, everyone knows that. 1,131 more words

The Essence of Languid

Though every description of the word languid  that I read does not say what I think Languid means. This cat is languid but is by no means LISTLESS.   254 more words


Keeping a Pet Pig

I haven’t known about keeping pet pigs for a long time but it does sound appealing. This is especially true once I learned just how wonderful they can be. 244 more words

Animals Are Best

In Light of No Running I bring you.......

………………… a day out (and you thought it was all going to be about knitting!)

This summer is slightly different from previous ones. This summer Madam is all about spending time with her friends leaving me to be taxi driver and very much stay at home Mum. 111 more words


Karlovy Vary: Arteries beware!

As we crossed the Czech border, a wave of accomplishment swept over us. We stopped for the obligatory border picture. Rich turned to me and said “Last month we didn’t even have bikes or  licences. 490 more words


Pastured Piggies

August 14, 2016

As a child, I ran barefoot through the grass without a care in the world. Today, I watched my piglets and their mother foraging in the pasture, playing in the mud and eating from their dish. 354 more words

Small Farming

Two Steps Back

The Rescue Piglets are still not thriving.  In fact it has become more and more evident that at least two of them are carrying hidden injuries as a result of the attack by their mother. 318 more words