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Lilacs for scent

In the olden days – I love that expression, ‘olden days’ –  they used to plant Lilacs around the old Long Drop. The outside toilet or the dunny – my favourite name. 495 more words


The one with kittens and stuff...

A friend’s partner is running the marathon for the RSPCA, so here’s an incredibly rare request from me to you animal lovers to sponsor her. When I say animal lovers, I don’t mean like Mohammed and his favourite goat… … 70 more words


The Leasing of The Top Paddock - NaPoWriMo 2017, day twenty two - prompt: georgic poem

The Leasing of The Top Paddock

There was always the kitchen garden.

but there was more than that;

Father leased the paddock,

that later we learned was never… 404 more words

100 cabbages

Yesterday we planted out 100 cabbages in the cows garden.  (There are 100 more in the glasshouse and 100 more to sow). Today fifty pepper plants of different varieties will follow – the peppers are not for the cows,  they are for the Farmers Market market. 410 more words


the best Breton rider wins a piglet. The prize always makes for a fun moment on the podium and serves as a reminder of the region’s farming traditions.

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Taste the season

Asparagus. With everything. We recognise the season by what is on our plates.

Tima has discovered the front steps.

Lady’s udder is still unchanged. We are closing in on the penultimate “two weeks to go” period. 331 more words


It's been a while, and may be a while more 

Who knew babies could suck time away from you!

It’s been almost 5 months since he arrived and it’s wonderful but gone to fast!!

We are making progress on the home studio with the aim of getting some work done, even if it is at the pace of this charming snail I helped cross the road this morning whilst walking to be neighbour to feed her mummy pig. 11 more words