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242/365 - Piggy wigs!

Saturday was spent at a food and farm festival in Preston.   The star attraction, in my opinion, had to be the litter of piglets squealing, snorting and snuffling around their pen.   45 more words


Ask Laval University to End the Use of Piglets in its Pediatrics Residency Program

Now urge Laval and Washington University to follow and modernize their medical training.

Sign the petition here,


Size Matters

“While it is always possible to wake a person who’s sleeping, no amount of noise will wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.” – Jonathan Safron Foer (Eating Animals) 1,044 more words

Of pigs and piglets

Babies of all species are cute. Usually not when they’re just born, but after they’ve spent a while outside the confines of their gestational/incubational container). Pigs have large litters so they always make a happy family picture. 320 more words


A Quick Update

Hi everybody!

While I get everything back in order (A much larger process than I’d originally hoped. Thanks to myself for my mad accidental folder deleting skills. 156 more words


Visiting the Pigs

Here on the farm, we seem to keep getting more and more piglets. When I first arrived, we only had 20 pigs. That number has grown since then, and now there are over 50. 232 more words

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