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The Song of a Sow

It is 5. 14 in the morning and outside the window hanging low in the Western sky  is a bright full moon.  I was texting with Fede last night and said to him Can you see the full moon and he said No, I can only see buildings. 431 more words


Photos: Amesbury and Normanton Down

Last night we took an evening trip close to Stonehenge. Not to the tourist attraction itself, but to nearby lanes for a bit of an exploration. 135 more words


Pig Wires

The piglets have been escaping every day.

It is not uncommon to pull into the driveway after work only to be greeted by the usual menagerie of chickens, only NOW that coterie is intermingled with the random piglet, or two. 318 more words

Chicks and Calves

Today is going to be a busy one. Soon the girls and I will drive over and pick up fifty more chicks from Jake’s brooder house.   298 more words


Amanda's Eyes

One of my favourite things is to give Camera House to a guest and then see what images speak to them.

Here is the farmy from the Point of View of Amanda’s eyes. 32 more words


Earth to the Internets: There is no such thing as a Teacup Pig.

Susan Armstrong Magidson, one of the Philadelphia area’s top pig mavens, can tell you one thing before she gets to all the reasons that she loves pet pigs. 2,227 more words


The Piggies are Back!

We have piggies again! And the timing could not be better because my bacon supply is quickly dwindling. And God forbid I run out of bacon… 428 more words