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Far, Far Away

We just drove to Far, Far Away (Alto, TX!) and picked up Snow White and Cinderella to join us at Celebrity Kunekunes. We are happy to have these two light-colored girls to add variety to our adorable herd of KuneKune pigs. 159 more words

Cute Animals

Wonder Woman Tights

I want a pair of tights like Tami
wore on Halloween;
To date, among the coolest things that
I have ever seen.
So garbed, I’d drop to Earth, 96 more words

Random Thoughts

We won't get eaten, because...

We have an amazing life here in Laos, lot’s of sun, lot’s of dirt to get our noses and other body parts in and shade to take a nap. 169 more words


Swifty Swine Racing

I went to the Maryland State Fair, in Towson, Maryland, and the most entertaining spectacle by far was the Swifty Swine Racing.  This involved 4 little piggies trotting around the track to win their favourite treat – an Oreo cookie.  115 more words


The Keepers

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of pigs, you have to admit that KuneKune piglets are exceptionally adorable! We have enjoyed raising our twenty-one piglets for the past two months and it has been difficult to send them off to new homes; however, we are confident that they are all going to great new owners. 165 more words

Cute Animals

A Day For Ice Cream


This splendidly spring-like day was conducive to more autumn tidying in the garden, after which we went for a drive in the forest. 313 more words

You gotta keep them little critters alive!

Three weeks since I landed in Boston and I’ve helped roof a greenhouse, wrangled a pregnant sow, sold produce at farmers markets, made American biscuits (scones) and marvelled at being in sight of three microbreweries at one time. 1,375 more words