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Duck for Cover

When young pigs get a fright they do this very sensible thing. They duck for cover. Very low. Very still. Heads down, looking small sometimes with their bottoms in the air as they protect their heads by getting them right down.   532 more words


We have babies!!!!!

Just to clarify, by babies, I mean Piglets.

Those who have been following my posts/ read any pig related previous post may remember that my Dad keeps pigs! 147 more words


Working Dogs

Poppy’s little piglets are just like their Mother. Escape artists.  Every time I turn around lately they are out in the wrong field or on the drive or somewhere they are not meant to be.   851 more words


Staglands & Cuddles

Several months ago Andrew took me to Staglands. Not too far from Wellington, it’s a Wildlife Reserve with lots of animals that love cuddles.

We were greeted on arrival by two adorable little piggies. 108 more words


Black and White Herd

The two new Angus/Holstein cross calves have joined the Black and White herd.

Almost set up for the winter.

Difficult will be sold within the next few weeks. 174 more words


You can just call me the geek squad

We had a full house today at the farm! Yara managed to drag herself out of bed, plus we had Ricardo with us for the first time. 701 more words


Buying Calves

The other day I was offered two  Holstein/Angus cross calves and after some deliberation and research  I have decided to buy them.(Though I will also need to buy more hay for their winter feed). 500 more words