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Guinea Piglets on the Farm

Well, they picked a very wet week to have piglets but 2 of our American Guinea Hogs had litters.  “Short Nose” had 8 piglets on the 29th (6 males and 2 females) and “Long Nose” had 4 piglets on the 30th (3 males and 1 female).    144 more words

American Guinea Hogs

Lost property

Sorry, I’ve not been blogging over the last few days.  I had some things to go to and haven’t really had anything to write about.  I’m a bit disturbed by all these people resigning – David Cameron, Boris Johnson (my friend M sent me a text to say “I am really hating Boris right now”), Nigel Farage (although, perhaps that was predictable – he wanted us to leave the EU and now it looks as though we will), pretty much all the Labour cabinet apart from Jeremy Corbyn (who, supposedly, wants to hang on because he wants to get the chance to have a go at his old boss Tony Blair), Chris Evans (even though I don’t even like Top Gear all that much).   142 more words

Isle Of Wight

Piglets know their mama is a...dog?

This German sanctuary does whatever is needed to give animals a chance at life. And that includes bonding some boar piglets with a dog, who’s a devoted foster mom.

Animal Stories

Cut, Cut, Clamp.

Sadie and I woke up extra early, made the coffee extra strong, let the dogs and cats out and drove up to the barn. I let the chickens in the yard to peck, then we backed the van up to the pig sty. 1,099 more words