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Spring Farm Babies!

If you live anywhere within several hundred kilometers of where I do (Toronto), I’m going to safely assume you, too, are ready to poke your own eyes out with a dull spoon if this damn winter doesn’t f%#k the f%#k off really soon. 653 more words

March 4th - Giant Pigs

Last night I dreamed I visited a farm that had two baby pigs. I took a selfie with the piglets and came back two days later and the pigs were HUGE. Like as tall as buildings.


Short-Sighted Selection

In pig producers’ unending search for increased profits, animal welfare often takes a back-seat. Take for example today’s sows, who have been genetically selected to produce unnaturally large litters. 216 more words

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24 Delightful Piglets

Piglets and miniature pigs are destroying the reputation hogs once had. Their adorableness is on par with kittens or puppies, and have even become popular household pets in recent years. 16 more words


N a t i o n a l  P i g  D a y

Today is national pig day! As we all know I love pigs!! Just look how cute these little fellas are! Happy national pig day bloggies!


Aw, National Pig Day Today!

(Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta)

(Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta)

Aw, National Pig Day, today! I fell in love with pigs after seeing “Charlotte’s Web” in the movies. 85 more words

New Incentive Program

Schwartz Showpigs is excited to announce a new incentive program for individuals who purchase pigs from us. Below is a list of the stipulations involved within the incentive program. 135 more words