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I Have a Pig!

So this is exactly what it says in the title: I have a pig! Now it’s not a pet pig. This pig is for class, as I am currently completing the Senior Capstone Class for my Pre-Veterinary and Animal Bioscience major which means taking an animal production class so I’m in swine production. 306 more words


Out on the grass

I always feel better when the animals can get right out on the grass – into the air and the dirt. The babies of the farm especially need to be able to lie in the grass on a warm day. 326 more words


Pigs in a Hat


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Adorable Funny Pig Happy Birthday Greeting Card by cabgodfrey77

Our customizable piglet birthday card is adorable. Inside: “We’ve been pondering life, the universe and all that, and we’ve totally worked out what’s most important …” “…You and mud, although not necessarily in that order ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 13 more words


Room in there for me?

I asked Sheila. Is there room in there for me. She said, yes but would not move over so I had to climb over her big body and scrunch myself into a corner of her house. 77 more words


Meet Noah

Welcome to the next part of our tour. Last week we met Mason and Layla. This week we’re moving on to the next floor or Horror House. 527 more words

Toys for Piglets

All the piglets seem to have recovered from their scouring fright and are back to playing with their toys and loafing about in their garden. 393 more words


Outdoor Bred is NOT the Answer

The piglets in that picture look pretty happy right? Why shouldn’t that happiness continue for their whole lives? There’s an argument that outdoor bred pork is more cruel than factory farmed. 224 more words