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The piglets are growing by leaps and bounds.  Today, they discovered they like grapes and kale.  It took a few tries with the grapes – they weren’t exactly sure what to do with them!   39 more words

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Miles in a Day

I have a new phone – this in itself is not particularly interesting unless we need to go into the kicking and fighting I did trying not to have to succumb to another phone.   562 more words


5 piglets +1 boar +3 carlottas

= A perfectly busy day.

Poppy woke up mid morning (yesterday) rolled over and discovered that there were five little piglets in her room. She stood up and looked at them milling about her feet making half hearted jumps at her teats, then she  looked at me and quite clearly said “What the hell is going on? 595 more words

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Photographing Hogs, Er Photographing Pigs

Sometimes, in the excitement of doing something different, you can forget the bigger picture, no pun intended.  Well maybe a little pun.  Last week I had the opportunity to photograph some hogs.  297 more words


Belly the pig gave birth to eight little piggies!

There was great excitement today on Landmeterskop Farm when the widow Potts, Belly the pig, gave birth to eight little piggies! One died and is now with his late father, Mr Potts, somewhere over the rainbow bridge in piggy heaven. 47 more words

You a funny lookin' pig

Piglet:  “You a funny lookin’ hairy pig.”

Dog:  “You a ugly puppy.”

“We one big happy family.  Now where’s the food?”

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