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Pulled pork with bubble & squeak

with pulled pork abound it had to be eaten again for supper..

All yellow ticket items are going into this bubble and squeak.. You gotta love bubble and squeak.. 116 more words

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Should You Have a Pig as a Pet?

The most common pets in the U.S. are cats and dogs, but if you’re looking for a cute, loyal pet β€” and you have a lot of space β€” a pot-bellied pig might be just the companion for you. 472 more words


Pulled pork with peppers & onions & chimchurri

it’s been a while since we had pulled pork.. Or in real terms just really slowed cooked pork till its flaky tender! 🐷

So this just under a kilo of red ticket free Hampshire free range shoulder, boned and rindless is a perfect candidate for the role of porky perfection.. 248 more words

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Still Eire..

get it?

Still here in Eire..

First the news.. Mrs Fitz’s passport has been located in the courtesy car.. YAY! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ

Ok so drove to Kinsale after a breakfast of pancakes… 604 more words

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On the naming of livestock

When we first started raising animals for our own consumption, the most popular piece of advice we received was “Don’t name them. You won’t want to eat something you’ve given a name.” I generally found this advice fairly perplexing, having grown up in a family that hunted and fished extensively, and raised some of its own meat. 1,058 more words


Easter Eggs from Marks & Spencer

With all the writing I’m doing at the moment, I had forgotten that Easter was almost upon us. Β But you can’t beatΒ a chocolatey reminder – especially if it’s from… 261 more words


Making red ticket free range jerk & apple sausages

Been a while since I made some sausages.. Dunno why.. It chills me right out.. Strange yet true!

And with this great piece of red ticket free range antibiotic free piece of shoulder it just cries ‘sausages!’.. 247 more words

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