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Crispy pork schnitzel Sangers 

a good pal who has moved to Poland told me that no child in Poland goes on a school trip without a cold schnitzel sandwich.. True? 168 more words

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Sausage rolls from scratcho

i don’t make my own pastry that often .. Yet inspired by my blogger pal Melissa at glen house this had to have a turn out.. 178 more words

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Making Sausages from scratch 

regular readers should know by now that making sausages has a firm place in my world..

It is great to make your own.. So so so simples.. 217 more words

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Sunday Sausage making time ...

having time on my hands while Mrs Fitz was walking that country 10k with the hounds.. And seeing as it was too early for a few pints .. 225 more words

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Pulled pork tacos.. 

Good thing about making a bunch of pulled pork is that you end up boxing some up..


So outta the freezer and defrosted..

Chef ping dealt with the hotting up of that.. 51 more words

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Sausage making -Cumberland seasoned

need to think about some stuff .. So sausage making is the way forward .. Some bake bread.. Some meditate ..

I make sausages..

Very nice ones too! 199 more words

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Eggy bread and rough cut bacon

eggy bread.. Yeah!👍

French toast? Nah.. Tell it like it is.. Eggy bread. And it’s good..

Good eggs..(just one here).. Whooped and a couple of just turning pieces of French bread.. 65 more words

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