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Gyoza , potstickers , dumplings

whatever you call them..

More inspiration in this nasty weather .. And being inspired this time by my blogger pal over at http://foodisthebestshitever.com

Who made something he had never made before.. 389 more words

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Chine-easy pork balls

with a slight glut of pork loins. (Yeah I got too many on a special!) 😏

And not wanting to freeze them all.. Needed an easy tasty treat.. 224 more words

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There's a Pat in me kitchen what ima gonna do? 

It’s that time of year again.. The end of summer .. When we are fortunate enough for my Godson Patrick Starsky to still want to come visit.. 230 more words

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It's Apple Time!

The apples are coming!  One of the big, old, stately ancient apple trees (when we come up with the perfect name for these wizened empresses of apple trees, it will become the name of our farm… 89 more words

Family, Friends And Animals

Quick pork ,apple & stuffing sausage rolls , so simple!

sausage rolls.. Yummmmmmm

Not those ones with indescribable pink slimey/sludge in though!

As you will see from here:


We dig them..

And I saw these type of ones for sale in a pretty expensive store , no names yet the food used to be called St Michael .. 277 more words

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A Quick Update

Hi everybody!

While I get everything back in order (A much larger process than I’d originally hoped. Thanks to myself for my mad accidental folder deleting skills. 156 more words


Steak teryiaki skewers with blythburgh pork spring rolls and mixed up egg fried brown rice .. 

It’s time we ate steaks again.. The abscence has been noted .. What better a reintroduction than lovely teryiaki skewers?

Taken the red ticket steaks.. … 225 more words

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