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Livestock and Fish program evaluation reviews successes in Vietnam and seeks new research opportunities

This year, the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish is undergoing an independent external evaluation to assess the phase one implementation of the program. 760 more words


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As part of the five flagship areas and one of the nine focus countries, ILRI in Vietnam, with attention directed at L&F’s work on value chain development in the country, was evaluated on 28 June-July 3 2015 by a team of experts consisting of Julie Fitzpatrick and Anni McLeod.

It's a rainy Sunday .. Need porky Ramen! @sundaybrunch

It’s a terrible summer.. The rain is non stop and I am wearing a jersey.. Refusing to put socks on yet feel that I need too.. 127 more words

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It's crunch time!

“What you talking ’bout Mr Fitz huh??”

I am talking a three and a half hour blythburgh cookedbelly pork ..


Boned and seasoned meat side.. 160 more words

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Chimichurri pulled pork 'tacos' With hot salsa(accident)...

needed to eat up freezer food..

So we have one of the great pulled pork pots left..


A salsa to go with.. With these great mixed tomatoes.. 217 more words

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Pizza and kebab yeah ! 😁


Pizza and kebab?

Yup.. It started with this box that I got sent from Lurpak.. They picked up some of my posts and seem to have liked them.. 274 more words

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The Piggies are Back!

We have piggies again! And the timing could not be better because my bacon supply is quickly dwindling. And God forbid I run out of bacon… 428 more words

Ramen noodles supper

i really like ramen.. Haven’t had it for ages .. I follow @kintonramen on the Twitter.. Their ramen looks the business.. Problem is they are based in Canada .. 111 more words

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