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Almost vegetarian double stuffed urfa pepper potatoes An green salad for Mr Fitz and double stuffed sweet potatoes with a sirloin for Mrs Fitz

Thats a long title huh?

Let’s also get one thing clear .. A green salad must only contain green items! Humph.. ( I would have liked some fresh herbs in although we are out till I can get new supplies tomorrow..).. 180 more words

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Pigs loooove cucumbers.

They reaaalllly love cucumbers.

Because of their size and power now, I usually feed them and then, while they’re busy eating, wrestle with cleaning their water bowl.  173 more words


Pig smiles

One of the pigs mudded himself up in an almost exact half mud, half clean split.  Brown/pink.

The pigs are growing slowly but steadily.  They are thick and strong enough now to be a little scary, and I don’t go in their pen anymore.  59 more words


Bangers Keith Richards stylee & mash , peas and gravy

cooking sausages Keith Richards style (yes that Keith Richards!).. Is really the best way of cooking sausages in my book..

Check it out with the google gods.. 112 more words

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October farm update

It’s been a while since we’re posted any news so here goes.

Dry weather, after much rain, is making for a lovely autumn at the farm. 360 more words


Redborne school farm chopping and eating gyoza & tenderloin fresh from the piggie.. 

i went off to have a play with a good pal of mine.. Ben runs an excellent school farm as well as teaching the students about looking after wonderful animals.. 267 more words

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#theporkiestsausagerollseverintheworld for macintyre day

just fancied writing the title that way.. Suppose now if anyone ever does a search for the #porkiestsausagerollsintheworld then at least they will see this post too right? 376 more words

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