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Potted orange marmalade ham A British classic!

potting meats has been an age old way of not only preserving meat yet also ensuring really rather a tasty treat!

I think if Paddington bear ate pigs ( and perhaps he did in deepest darkest Peru?).. 371 more words

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Irish soda bread and Rosemary scented sausages for breakfast

whats better than freshly baked bread for breakfast? Umm well adding sausages I suppose!

After waking this morning I suddenly had a notion that we needed fresh soda bread.. 195 more words

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Black eyed beans with red miso sauce , buttery mash, iberican chorizo and belly pork slices 

Mrs Fitz has been away for the weekend.. Which meant we were home alone.. It also means that cooking for one ( plus two hounds!).. Becomes a bit strange.. 223 more words

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One pork belly two ways, roast and #texascrutchibs

here is a tale of two meals.. The first was simply roasted , rubbed with thyme and salt..

It’s a knarly crispy porky delight!

Made prettier with a salad cup with cucumber and newmans dressing .. 149 more words

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#tacosaturday pibli pork, turtle beans, chicken and sweet potato spiced rice...

That headline picture is a pal of mines money plant.. I have never seen one flower before!

more freezer foraging!

And it returns a few gems.. 142 more words

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Piggy laab namtock and spooning with Rosie sweet corn fritters 

remember that belly pork that all got minced up? Well another of the things I made was laab namtock.. Thai kinda food.. Delicious in my book! 153 more words

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