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Sitters sausage rolls 


Well the hounds have gone off to their sitters..

While we take to the skies !

So you have to give a gift along with the hounds right? 97 more words

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Brilliant @blythburgh belly & one veg

The last of the use up food prior to our adventures..

A wonderful piece of @blythburgh belly .. Scored as fine as possible with my scouts knife. 156 more words

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Bucks star toad in the hole, plus a fillet for Mrs Fitz, crispy spud skinz , French fine beans and highgrove  gravy

well that tells it all right there huh?

Am still intrigued by bucks star beer.. Did I mention that the sheer ingredients (or lack of).. Have me curious.. 401 more words

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Gyros, doner kebab, doner time, elephant legs... Straw fries, easy yoghurt bread..

haven’t made gyros for ages..

And using up stuff prior to our Indian adventure is providing some excellent indoor foraging..

This pulled up some beef and pork mince.. 297 more words

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@blythburgh brined shoulder of pork with inca bella roasties 

it’s that time of year for sure.. When the mind and belly turns toward the long cooked roasts.. The stews the warming comforty foods that make you smile.. 408 more words

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Study calls for One Health approach in continued research on potential role of pigs in Ebola transmission in Uganda

Zoonotic diseases are most dangerous when they take animal and human health workers by surprise, giving the public and disease control officials no advance warning or time to put prevention measures in place. 333 more words


Seriously super short sausage rolls 

I hear that New York has just discovered the sausage roll?? Really? Well I reckon it must be due to the lack of ‘proper’ sausages in the states perhaps? 251 more words

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