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There's been a Pat in me kitchen! Sausage rolls and crinkle chips with sweet and sour rotisserie chicken balls

Is that great time of year the start of the English summer, and the time of year that my lovely godson Patrick comes to stay.. … 175 more words

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Let's go old school with extras .. Smoked back leg ham hock, smuggled Italian herbs, spuds, carrots and onions... With parsley and heavy milk chanterelle sauce! 

That title just there ..

That’s enough to make me rather hungry..

Having scored an excellent local freerange antibiotic free back hock that has also been locally smoked.. 255 more words

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New Orleans rice 'n' ribs

ok.. Seriously Mr Fitz, just where have you been?

Well it wasn’t London to see the queen..

Yet these kinda piggies have been taking up a bit of time as I build up a new adventure… I will say more as more appears!

213 more words

Hot diggity daags

where have I been? A bit busy.. That’s all I can reveal right now!

Yet here is a quick and simple post.

Take green onion and green pepper.. 71 more words

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