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Old school foods .. belly porky greatness 

What can you say ..

If you dig the swine.. you just have to dig belly pork.. think of the crispy crackly top.. the juicy and a small bit fatty meat.. 192 more words

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Bruschetta affair 

A quick simple number… yet so freaking tasty!

Roasted red peppers.. these outta a jar.. love them.. , onion.. chorizo garlic and olive oil..

Then capers.. 32 more words

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Hail Mary, Full of Grace

A Hail Mary Pass, they are calling it.

A last-ditch effort, but instead of a Superbowl win on the line, it was a life.  A beautiful, precious, sacred life.   644 more words

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Sweet and sour ground pork and stirfry store veg spring rolls 

Spring rolls

Lovely.. we like spring rolls, we like our own made ones more.. jus because you get to play with them.. the keema ones we made once or twice were rather fabulous .. 187 more words


'Turk-esque' piad pizza type wrap thingy 

Well shucks I didn’t know quite what to call it..

if think the base as being a Turkish pizza.. basically lightly spiced ground meat in top of a pizza base only thinner and not crispy? 193 more words

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The Smile

Once a little pig lived in a dark, sad barn.  He was old and blind and had lived his entire life in darkness. This darkness was much deeper than that caused by lack of light in the barn, and much darker even than a blind old pig might normally experience. 1,987 more words

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Cajun porchetta pan Purdue (roast pork and eggy bread sarnie).. ULTIMATE BREKKIE SANGER (in my world anyhoo).. and it's for our bestest friend Serena 

This was the last porchetta of 2016.. it was for a lovely wedding reception we did on New Year’s Eve… naturally to ensure that it’s all good we need to take a small bit off the ends of course.. 128 more words

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