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The Smile

Once a little pig lived in a dark, sad barn.  He was old and blind and had lived his entire life in darkness. This darkness was much deeper than that caused by lack of light in the barn, and much darker even than a blind old pig might normally experience. 1,987 more words

Animal Rescue

Cajun porchetta pan Purdue (roast pork and eggy bread sarnie).. ULTIMATE BREKKIE SANGER (in my world anyhoo).. and it's for our bestest friend Serena 

This was the last porchetta of 2016.. it was for a lovely wedding reception we did on New Year’s Eve… naturally to ensure that it’s all good we need to take a small bit off the ends of course.. 128 more words

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Another Pat in me kitchen! Bangers and mash, shallot gravy

He was back..


Our lovely godson..

Just a flying visit to help me out with a big catering number we had..

he helped well.. so as a treat before he left to go back to the valleys I asked what supper he would like.. 207 more words

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So what's been happening then Mr Fitz? 

Ok .. So Mrs Fitz reminded me that I have met been posting as frequent.

So what’s the story?

We’ll have Ben getting the catering side really up and running.. 350 more words


@meatopiauk time to meat up with a great pal..

now I have this excellent pal of mine.. You know the kinda pal that you don’t have to keep a close contact with to know that you are both totally there for each other whenever you may need it? 387 more words

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Russia Hits Back at WTO Ruling over Pork Import Ban

The World Trade Organization has found Russia guilty of breaching global trading rules by banning imports of EU pig meat and pig products because of the outbreak of African swine fever in the Baltic states. 993 more words