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Winter (Spring) Update and an Easy Recipe - Potatoes, Broccoli, and Bologna

WOW!  The weather the past couple of weeks certainly does not feel like February in Iowa!  This afternoon it was 72 degrees and I was skimming some leaves off of the top of the pool with a T-shirt on!   707 more words


HopelessLee Confused

There’s a list of things that I always seem to find myself thinking about and never understanding;


-why a microwave that makes things cold quickly doesn’t exist… 27 more words

Our new pigs!

We often provide a lovely home for groups of little pigs who stay just a while, feasting on vegetables in their huge field, wallowing in the mud and probably annoying our older residents. 48 more words

Working Life

Weighing Meanie

We kept guessing the weight of the pigs, and we couldn’t decide. Are they big enough? Are they not big enough? Finally, Ted decided to figure it out. 177 more words

Know Your Farmer

Too Much Activity 

There’s been so much going on that I’m not even really sure where to begin…

These newest piglets are giving me fits. True escape artists, they are often found out to pasture with the cattle or hanging out on the bedding pack for the cows racing between animals 100 times their size! 445 more words


It rained all day. Rained. Then snowed. Then rained again. This kind of weather pattern really reminds me of spring. But I don’t think winter is over. 262 more words

Farm Life