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Cute Ducks and Weaned Sheep

The animals on the smallholding are growing. The ducklings are outrageously large and comical – they grow by the day.

The lambkins are no longer tiny lambs but are fat and happy. 103 more words


Beer Braised Pork Hocks

Pork hocks are one of the most flavorful cuts. The hocks are the lower part of the legs, above the trotters. When buying a whole pig you will receive four hocks, and they are often whole with skin on, or sliced width wise (skin on or skin off). 608 more words


Farm Family Hits Rough Waters with Activist Groups

Family: An Anchor during rough waters

There are bad things in life that happen to good people, and it is completely unfair. Yet out of the depths of bad and unfairness, strength and grace arise to the surface. 2,559 more words


Animals rights: Power v. Justice

Imagine I’m standing with you outside a shed full of animals.

I intend to go inside, select an animal, and mutilate him.

I have implements specifically designed for the task. 956 more words

Animal Rights


The September 1985 Yale Convocation was the first I attended as a Yale parent and the last at which Bart Giamatti, then President of the University, spoke. 113 more words


The Song of a Sow

It is 5. 14 in the morning and outside the window hanging low in the Western sky  is a bright full moon.  I was texting with Fede last night and said to him Can you see the full moon and he said No, I can only see buildings. 431 more words