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Why The Irish Should Never Play Soccer Again

1. It’s an English Sport Anyway!!!

It’s not meant for us. It’s for them. Michael Collins didn’t spend twenty years chasing the British hun out of Ireland with a hurley stick only to have the feckers creep back in through the back door via Lansdowne Road. 210 more words


I’m not a newbie, when it comes to raising animals.  After all, I’m almost fifty-three years-old.  And ever since I can remember, my family raised chickens and beef to fill our freezers.  493 more words

Barley Darts

The Birth of Pugot Baboy

There’s a lot of reoccurring themes in most of my illustrations, and one of them is: pigs.

Pigs can mean a lot of different things. Pigs can symbolize greed, uncleanliness, or in some Asian cultures, luck. 438 more words


The kindness of strangers. Sharing chai with a pig.

The online dictionary I found defines kindness as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”. I’ve been incredibly fortunate so far in my journey, I’ve witness kindness in all shapes and hopefully shown it as well. 786 more words


Animals 40 Years Later - Dogs - Pt. 2

(This is part 2 of a 4 part piece about animals. Link to: Part 1)

As we finish the optimistic start of Pigs on the Wing, we are introduced to the first of Waters’ three figments of society: the Dogs. 1,670 more words


Going to Camp: Grown-up Style

Yesterday was pretty rad. Charcuterie Camp was our Monday, and I think my husband has discovered the true meaning of hog heaven. Here’s a bit on our day, with lots of photos at the end… 622 more words