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Pancakes with banana and honey yoghurt

The perfect weekend recipe. When I feel like keeping it reasonably healthy, I go for banana, honey, natural yoghurt and toasted walnuts – you can’t go wrong! 127 more words


Spicey fruit pikelets - a nostalgic treat.

Just a quick little post this week to share an old family favourite.

Growing up my brothers’ and my lunchboxes usually followed the same formula, a sandwich (curried egg was my fav, it was just as frequently Vegemite or Devon and tomato sauce) a cheesestick, a popper and often celery sticks or just a whole carrot. 216 more words


Buttermilk Pancakes (including make ahead mix for camping or kids!)

We make pancakes and crepes a lot!  I make them probably once a week, and the kids can now make crepes on their own, as Mr M did for me for  453 more words


Apple Pikelet Sandwiches

Here’s a slightly different way to present the classic pikelet and was a total hit in our place.

I often make a batch of pikelets in the weekend and then save some in the freezer for lunch box fillers, or keep them in the fridge for an afternoon snack. 360 more words

Snack Ideas

The Bilberry Pie Caper

Although I’m a sibling from a Yorkshire family I was born in the south. My grandfather, a highly skilled Foreman Dyer, worked in the mills around Bradford. 549 more words

Banana Breakfast Pikelets

Don’t you love long weekends? Slow mornings where you can sleep in, make endless servings of coffee and lounge around until you’re awake enough to make a delicious fuss-free but brilliant brunch. 290 more words


Buckwheat Oatmeal Pancakes (and other variations)

My pancake-making adventures definitely fall in the no-recipe realm. I started out working from recipes, sure, but at some decided it was more fun to just throw some ingredients together and watch them work their magic. 791 more words