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First Impressions: Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is one of the titles I didn’t get a chance to get when it first came out for the Wii U. I was lucky enough to find myself a physical copy at GameStop. 568 more words

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Just For Fun: Top 5 Nintendo Eggs

Today is Easter! Whilst you all tuck in to a chocolate egg or ten, I’m gonna sit and list the best five Eggs in Nintendo gaming. 395 more words



Hello~~ 👋

Friday was spent with Bro, we had dinner

And played tv-games

I won at mariokart ;)
Then I played pikmin and finished that off with help at the final boss x3 it scares me ~~ 17 more words

All-Games: Page 26

Page 26

Chapter 6 begins in the world of Pikmin!

Starring: Ito and Pixel Dan

You can read the whole story as it is released HERE

Dexter Morrill

Another bro-weekend

Hello ~~ 👋
Friday I ended up at Andreas place, we started out with cleaning the kitchen. It’s easier and more fun to do stuff like that together. 66 more words

Less Is So Much More

Hi Steffi, this post comes to you in three parts. And will probably make you think I’ve gone slightly overboard.

Part 1: LIFE IS BETTER WITH LESS STUFF.   421 more words

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The Best Wii Games Nintendo Should Sell on the Virtual Console

Nintendo made a great move in January by allowing Wii games to be downloaded on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. Now, games that are no longer in print or are hard to come by can easily, and cheaply, be accessed on the Virtual Console. 490 more words