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How I Became a Writer

One morning in my Junior year of high school, I woke up with an idea.  I was going to write a story, an epic about a prince who sacrifices himself to redeem his kingdom, a tale of camaraderie and suffering, of triumph begat by a young man’s willingness to stand above his past sins and move beyond them.  1,861 more words


This Week In Bead Sprites 4/16/17

What’s up, Perler People? Here we are once again to look at some beads that have been stuck together in an appealing fashion. Don’t get what I mean? 362 more words

Video Games

Best Video Game Character Deaths

Obvious Spoilers for the tagged games!

Death is everywhere in video games. The body count of the typical Whitey McStubbly character is in the thousands. IGN estimates that Nathan Drake of the… 519 more words

Video Games

Satoru Iwata Tribute Video Shown at Game Developers Choice Awards

Braid artist David Hellman created this tribute to Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s former CEO, who passed away in July 2015 from cancer. The tribute highlights some of Iwata’s creations and projects of which fans knew him best. 19 more words


Worthwile re-release of a unique gaming experience

Pikmin 3, Nintendo, 2013. (Nintendo selects re-release 2016)

I’m not a massive Pikmin fan.

I played the original for Gamecube upon it’s release, but haven’t played another Pikmin title since. 636 more words

Smokey Progg

   Pikmin, in some ways, is a very simple game. You play as Captain Olimar, a space traveler whose ship hit an asteroid, sending him crashing down on an alien planet. 941 more words


Arijigoku: Nintendo's Puzzling Preoccupation with Ant Hell

Did you ever notice that various Nintendo games feature an enemy that sits at the bottom of a slippery sand pit, which you must somehow defeat from a distance lest you get dragged into the bottom and eaten?  676 more words