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Revisiting Old Friends

For the first time in my life, I have so many video games that I haven’t had need to replay any of them for quite a while.  1,048 more words


Top 5 games that make you look evil

I know the title of this one is… LIke… Out there, haha… But what I mean is, you can seem like a really cruel person when you play these… At least if you put some thought into what you’re doing… You’ll get the jist once you read the list… So without further ado, Top 5 games that make you look evil! 1,723 more words

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Die Uberpikmensch (Part 5)

The final page in this 5-part pikmin saga. This game would have been a whole lot easier if you weren’t stuck babysitting a bunch of shrimpy plants imho


Die Uberpikmensch (Part 4)

The penultimate page in a 5-part saga about Pikmin. Everything I know about drawing male anatomy comes from tracing Dragonball Z art when I was 12 and I am sorry.


Die Uberpikmensch (Part 3)

The third comic in a 5-part saga about Pikmin.


Die Uberpikmensch (Part 2)

The second comic in a 5-part Pikmin saga. Maybe a little pesticide will help the planted pikmin survive the night.


All-Games: Page 28

Page 28

Chapter 6 is a wrap!  Where’s the final key piece?

Starring: Ito and Pixel Dan

You can read the whole story as it is released HERE

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