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With the E3 2018 getting near I can’t help but guess what surprises might be waiting for us, so in this post I’ll share my top 10 list of Nintendo franchises that have yet to be announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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Animal Crossing

Sometimes, after playing video games, I can see slight changes in my behavior or senses, I don’t mean stuff like “video games make people violent” that you’d see in a newspaper’s headlines, but rather little, everyday stuff that sometimes we don’t even notice.

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Check out this remix of the Pikmin 3 track "S.S. Drake" by Brent Christmas

Whether you like it or not Pikmin has given us some of the best music Nintendo has produced. This week I’ve sampled the classic track “S.S. 21 more words


Making the Grade: "The Switch is One Year Old" Edition

This is the fourth installation of my “Making the Grade” series, a temperature-check all of Nintendo’s major franchises and where they stand in the overall scheme of existence. 778 more words


Super Mario Squishies Added to World of Nintendo Release Guide

While we patiently await the release of new Amiibo and World of Nintendo in the near future, I thought I’d go ahead and add the Super Mario Squishies Blind Bags to the World of Nintenod Guide.  65 more words

World Of Nintendo

My Favorite GameCube Games

The GameCube is my favorite console of all time, hands down.  I love the GameCube.  I received the GameCube as a gift for Christmas in 2001.  965 more words

Deep Thoughts & Opinions

Play Me: 8 - Hey! Pikmin

Beaten: February 12th, 2018

System: Nintendo 3DS

Resumed at: World 8


A spin-off that any Pikmin fan is better off leaving alone.

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