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The Canon: The Gamecube

It’s time to talk about the console¬†side of the gaming canon. While games, like last week’s Final Fantasy VII, can secure their place in The Canon on their own merits, a console relies on their catalog of games and overall enjoyability. 561 more words

Video Games

Pikmin 3

This immersive game focuses on the different Pikmin types among massive environments. The multi-colored and multi-talented Pikmin live on the planet PNF-404 where different environmental elements factor into the gameplay. 512 more words

Michael Siebenaler

Merry Crochet-mas!

Years ago, my mother tried to teach me crochet. The fact that she’s right-handed and I’m a leftie made that a bit difficult, as did the fact that I was about as coordinated as a drunk ostrich. 310 more words


Much Crispyness

Just like last time, mostly articles. The art took a backseat. My graphics tablet had been bammy since I upgraded my operating system, plus i had warped the plastic shielding on it by placing a cup of coffee on it. 395 more words

Crispy Singer

Awesome Retro GIFs 15

So what if this is from only 2008? The supreme awesomeness of Captain Falcon knows no temporal bounds.

Also, why on earth is this move not in the game??? 14 more words

Awesome Sauce

Yoshi & Olimar!

Come on! Follow the captains! Aren’t those two cute??


Houston, We Have A Problem...

The Pikmin say it all. :D

¬†Now, I know that technically, Olimar doesn’t have eyes, but it looked too much like he was praying when he didn’t, which would have been funny, but that wasn’t my goal, he’s kneeling down and looking at the Red Pikmin. 17 more words