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Awesome Retro GIFs 15

So what if this is from only 2008? The supreme awesomeness of Captain Falcon knows no temporal bounds.

Also, why on earth is this move not in the game??? 14 more words

Awesome Sauce

Houston, We Have A Problem...

The Pikmin say it all. :D

 Now, I know that technically, Olimar doesn’t have eyes, but it looked too much like he was praying when he didn’t, which would have been funny, but that wasn’t my goal, he’s kneeling down and looking at the Red Pikmin. 17 more words


Pikmin 4 Close to Done

But for what system? That’s what we don’t know.

Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed that a 4th entry in the Pikmin series is essentially ready to go, but there is rumbling that it’s waiting for NX. 45 more words


Nintendo: 'Pikmin 4 is in development and almost finished.'

Nintendo announces Pikmin 4 is almost completed. After having to wait nine years for Pikmin 3, Nintendo is telling us they’re now already almost done with Pikmin 4. 117 more words


Good Games Podcast: Episode 67 - Winners Don't Use Drugs


This week, Frank and Alex wash out the bad taste of awful games by playing, and talking about, lots of AWESOME games!! Topics of discussion also include sentient food products, time travel, horse poop, hints of a new Pikmin installment, legal issues over at Bungie, Arkham Knight getting ever closer to being playable on PC, the FBI’s history with video games, and so much more! 136 more words


Shigeru Miyamoto Let Slip That 'Pikmin 4' Is In Development And 'Very Close To Completion'

Are you a fan of weird real-time strategy games featuring adorable multicolored ant men? Well, then brace yourself for some great news, because Pikmin 4… 208 more words


Pikmin 4 is a Reality

Fans of the Pikmin franchise have a reason to celebrate, as Pikmin 4 is indeed happening.  160 more words