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A Hater, Hating

I am, at times, “accused” of loving everything Nintendo does. That is untrue. I only love MOST of anything Nintendo does. If you follow Me & Nintendo… 780 more words


I'm back!

This was requested of me by someone from a discord I’m in. I was out for a while on a school retreat but now I’m Looney Tunes Back in Action.



The Pikmins goes urban and cross a street in New York. Why New York? This official t-shirt was a special one that you could only buy at the Nintendo NYC store.


New Hey! Pikmin Clip Explores Whether Pikmin Are Harder Than Crystal

Nintendo has unveiled a new clip for Hey! Pikmin, which attempts to find out whether Pikmin are composed of a harder material than crystal. See the results for yourself by watching the brief video below. 67 more words


Pikmin Figure Guide Updated!

It is hard to believe but over a year ago I wrote a guide to collecting Pikmin figures! While there haven’t been a ton of new Pikmin releases since it was written, there were some important updates I wanted to make to it.   62 more words


Hey Pikmin (3DS) - Review

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted recently, because I have been really busy. But, I’m back with my thoughts about Hey Pikmin! I have fallen in love with this 2D sidescroller ever since I started playing this game, because it a great change that the Pikmin series needed. 408 more words


Hey! Pikmin Review

Instead of being filed along franchise detours that took characters out of their comfort zone only to reach spectacular and worthy results, Pikmin’s journey out of its original realm ends up being rather unimpressive… 1,689 more words