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Today Is Shigeru Miyamoto's 64th Birthday

It’s a very special day today because Shigeru Miyamoto is celebrating his 64th birthday! Mr. Miyamoto is of course well known for creating the Mario and Zelda series, among many others like Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Star Fox, and F-Zero. 21 more words

$10 GameCube Games and the Controllers from Hell

In all the excitement of the swap and desperately wanting to share what I found there with you all, I had forgotten entirely to post about a couple of games I bought just prior to it.  631 more words

Olimar Super Smash Brothers Amiibo Review

Since there have been a number of developments with Amiibo and a lack of coverage of Amiibo on the site lately, it is the perfect time to do another figure review.   789 more words


The Lost Art of Interactive Storytelling (or What Games Today Can Learn from Pikmin 2)

***spoiler warning for Bioshock, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and (of course) Pikmin 2***

With the increasing popularity of AAA titles, it seems that the video game industry has been shifting their focus to story driven campaigns.   2,871 more words


Nintendo's unveiling the NX tomorrow and it's time for some predictions.

     No need to pinch yourself, that tweet is real. This week we’ll get our first real look at the long-awaited Nintendo NX. Even the announcement of a preview trailer has managed to set the internet on fire. 554 more words

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New Nintendo Downloads – 9/29/16

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

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