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HylianHero98's 2018 Switch Lineup Predictions (Redone)

Hey guys! A few months ago, around the Switch’s 6 month anniversary I published an articled about what Nintendo Switch’s 2018 Lineup could be: Nintendo Switch 2018 lineup; what will be included?   962 more words


A Hater, Hating

I am, at times, “accused” of loving everything Nintendo does. That is untrue. I only love MOST of anything Nintendo does. If you follow Me & Nintendo… 780 more words


I'm back!

This was requested of me by someone from a discord I’m in. I was out for a while on a school retreat but now I’m Looney Tunes Back in Action.



The Pikmins goes urban and cross a street in New York. Why New York? This official t-shirt was a special one that you could only buy at the Nintendo NYC store.


New Hey! Pikmin Clip Explores Whether Pikmin Are Harder Than Crystal

Nintendo has unveiled a new clip for Hey! Pikmin, which attempts to find out whether Pikmin are composed of a harder material than crystal. See the results for yourself by watching the brief video below. 67 more words


Pikmin Figure Guide Updated!

It is hard to believe but over a year ago I wrote a guide to collecting Pikmin figures! While there haven’t been a ton of new Pikmin releases since it was written, there were some important updates I wanted to make to it.   62 more words


Hey Pikmin (3DS) - Review

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted recently, because I have been really busy. But, I’m back with my thoughts about Hey Pikmin! I have fallen in love with this 2D sidescroller ever since I started playing this game, because it a great change that the Pikmin series needed. 408 more words