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Jakks Pacific Asking For Your Ideas for World of Nintendo!

I might have missed this if not for the awesome World of Nintendo Reddit but Jakks Pacific, the makers of World of Nintendo figures is asking Nintendo fans which figures they want on… 195 more words

World Of Nintendo

Retro Game Friday: Pikmin

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering a game I could’ve sworn I had already done before. It’s Pikmin!

Plot Synopsis:Captain Olimar, a tiny, one-inch tall humanoid extraterrestrial from the planet Hocotate is taking an intergalactic vacation in outer space. 302 more words


crossed wires

Three years ago I wrote Shock to Your System, which was a story about what happened to Dewie (“Character D”) and why he never made it on the mission to PNF-404 with Charlie and Brittany. 1,308 more words

Need a reading break? Try some of these games!

We all have those moments. You have a million unread books and the one in front of you is so good, but you aren’t in the mood to read… 839 more words


HylianHero98's 2018 Switch Lineup Predictions (Redone)

Hey guys! A few months ago, around the Switch’s 6 month anniversary I published an articled about what Nintendo Switch’s 2018 Lineup could be: Nintendo Switch 2018 lineup; what will be included?   962 more words