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The devil in the details : feeding images to Theano

Another lesson from the Kaggle competition : pushing your code to ultimate speed is still labour intensive.

High-level libraries like Numpy and Theano really help, but when you are training complex deep-learning models, rushing through the epochs takes more than typing a couple of imports, enabling the GPU, and hoping for the best. 981 more words


Sex Pistols, Johns Lydon, Rotten and PiL

The Sex Pistols…my young daughter laughed at the name the other day…and I suppose I have heard it so many times that it ceases to be amusing or shocking. 210 more words

John Lydon

An English Post-Punk Top Ten

Okay, inspired by the Post-Punk Top Ten recently selected by Jeremy Thoms of the Cathode Ray for Louder Than War, here’s my own list of favourites from England with a Scottish post-punk top ten to follow. 586 more words


Making dynamic images with Django and Pillow

Sometimes you need to create dynamic images; custom images whose text or other features are dependent on e.g. user input. Below is an example of how to do that with Django and Pillow. 294 more words

So. Do You Feel Lucky Slug?

Before we all went on holiday, I had restarted making my experimental slug deterrent. Unfortunately, as I hadn’t said anything to PIL about it, she found what she believed to be a bucket of gooey rain water in the garden and poured it away. 326 more words