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Flowers of Romance

– Flowers of Romance, 2015 –

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Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog together. It’s a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest.

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How to FILE a PIL (Public Interest litigation)

What is a PIL ? 

-Public Interest Litigation’s are to protect the fundamental rights of people who are poor, unaware or otherwise disadvantaged.
– It differs from ordinary litigation in that it is not filed by one private person against another for their own advantage. 237 more words


How to DRAFT a PIL (Public Interest Litigation)

– A PIL begins with a cause (title)

– The title consists of the name and address of the petitioner and the respondents
– The respondents are all those government officials / departments against whom you want an order or direction. 208 more words


Where Did The Time Go?

I think as you get older, time passes by quicker. As a child I recall summer lasting forever. Now, it’s gone almost before it arrives. It has been a busy couple of weeks though. 444 more words


Prefiro os otimistas. Aliás, procuro por eles.

A MA8 Consulting realizou mais um estudo sobre o setor automotivo brasileiro, desta vez relacionado a máquinas agrícolas e equipamentos de construção. A conclusão é que o País possui muito mais elementos positivos que impulsionarão o agronegócio nos próximos anos, do que elementos negativos. 1,031 more words


Small, low power CO2 sensors

Futurity reports on the development of a CO2 sensor – using poly(ionic) liquid aka PIL – that is smaller, easier to assemble and requires less energy than existing sensors. 24 more words


Time-slice photography with Python (and the 2015 solar eclipse)

There was a solar eclipse in March, and all I saw was cloud.  I was prepared for this, of course, what with living in the UK these days.   497 more words