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A Few Rules

A Few Rules

Some state’s parks

open overnight

for almost anyone —

but only after day.

Observe quietest

noise levels then.

Use campfire grills

or firepans only. 58 more words

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Seven Sites, Seven Sisters

Seven Sites, Seven Sisters

Rio Grande Gorgeous offers tables

and grills, shelters and facilities —

except Rio Pueblo and Lone Juniper.

Swift, cold river currents discourage… 72 more words

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now dulce
means “sweet” –
the impoverished Indians
associate the place
with the sugar candy
(government-supplied rations)

establish the reservation
now living in two worlds… 15 more words

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Ciello Estrella

Ciello Estrella

Earthship, a green oasis.

Eco-tourist countryside,

full natural beauty. Serenity

steps away from the gorge.

Historic adobes ride river orchards.

Casita del Rio Grande de Rancho… 35 more words

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A vibrant detail — art.

It translates to täpne.

Never a leaf or album.

It counts up to infinity.

Wild, beautiful texture.

This time, flowers light… 52 more words

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the next logical stopping point

. . . . . 

Poet: Erin Lorandos
Source: Pilar, New Mexicophoto from pixabay
Process: Pick and Mix, visual representation

Erin Lorandos

a single view

a remote sunset
the environment
is known as nature
travel, a cloud, and

start by planning your itinerary,
move our of your old house, or office… 47 more words

Erin Lorandos