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Weekly Challenge

A Pilates routine is not complete without the Pilates Hundred.  I like to include the ball in the sessions to keep the lower body still. 57 more words


March Matness Day 1-Hundred

I’m participating in March Matness again this year, which begins today. The first Pilates exercise in the series is The Hundred. The Hundred is the first exercise in the Classical Pilates repertoire and is a great abdominal exercise that warms up the body and prepares it to perform the rest of the exercises in the mat repertoire. 143 more words


Day 177: Sunday Pilates with Reindeer

Good morning :-)

After such an exciting Saturday, what could be better than Sunday morning Pilates to reset everything!

It was a good class :-) the person who last week, managed to annoy me despite probably giving useful feedback wasn’t there so I didn’t feel all judged so that was good :-) I am aware that i might have been a tiny bit paranoid last week…shhh that is not the point…I never claimed to be well adjusted…I am working on it though :-p… 273 more words

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The Pilates Hundred Challenge

I love browsing Flipboard, and one of my favorite categories is the Health section, which I was flipping through yesterday when I saw an article on the… 96 more words

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Day 86: The Sunday after the race before

Good morning :-)

I awoke Sunday morning expecting extremely achy legs, and was pleasantly surprised! I had tight calves (but then I always have tight calves) and hamstrings (but they have been tight a lot recently too) but all in all I was not too bad…I guess…practice and extra fitness actually helps when it comes to post running achiness! 203 more words

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Oh Man! That Looks Like Some S & M Type Stuff

I’ve been spouting off about Pilates and Barre quite a bit. I can’t help it. The transformation of my body (& booty), my “happy” quotient, my healthy auto-immune condition is worth spouting off about. 777 more words

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Pilates Hundred

My latest article for the Stanly News and Press:

Anyone who has ever taken a Pilates class is familiar with the Hundred.  It is the exercise that is typically practiced at or near the beginning of class to warm up the body and the breath for the movements to follow.  492 more words

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