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Horn Spotlight: Pile/Modern Vices

by Stephanie Holstein ’18

Boston’s Pile has been releasing content since 2007 and is constantly revitalizing its style—ranging from slow, acoustic songs such as “the moon,” to more aggressive, free-falling tracks like “don’t touch anything.” There’s a braveness in their artistic license, and it is this unpredictability in their lyrics and sound that keeps you listening/nodding along. 155 more words



No man is an island, except pacific trash heaps
I am surrounded, accept illicit plastic sheets
Pile it up, compact it, push it in a neat stack… 51 more words



Oh, it was unbelievable! Her little pile of nickel, those nickels and dimes he had saved so carefully. In  flash they were gone. Now he had nothing, nothing at all. 35 more words

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