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Pileated Woodpecker in November

Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) are so large and loud that it is hard to miss them when they are around. I often hear them from a distance, pecking away at a tree with a volume that seems to match that of a jackhammer, or I catch a glimpse of their bright red heads, but generally they are high in the trees, partially hidden from view behind a tangle of branches. 114 more words


The Wonderful World of Winter Woodpeckers


The feeder frenzy of November is about to begin. Shortly after the crimson and gold colors of autumn disappear, and the first snowflakes swirl about beneath a panoramic sky of gray, an ever-changing menagerie of… 1,312 more words

Oakland County

A Surprise Gift

On Friday, I spent time working in our Greenbelt restoration site. As I turned to go back home, I heard a loud sound. It took a moment for me to figure out what it was. 189 more words


A Bug's In There

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bird

Welcome to Week 79 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

It’s good to be (almost) caught up with everything and that I had the time to enjoy your entries for last week’s theme of Sand; they were a pleasure to read!

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Photo Challenge

One of Our Largest Woodpeckers

And my favorite woodpecker is the large pileated woodpecker, a bird of mature forests. This crow sized bird is mostly black with a bright red crest. 76 more words


Trying To Relax As Woodpecker De-barks Trees

I got close enough to get a shot of him this morning.  My understanding is that a pileated woodpecker will usually only attack damaged or ailing trees, looking for insects.  209 more words