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Hard worker

You can hear the unmistakable, loud hammering of a busy Pileated Woodpecker from quite a distance. As soon as I got out of the car at the refuge, I knew he was there, and followed the sound all the way from the parking lot to the woods several hundred yards away.  112 more words


DNCB Outing No. 2015- 39 to Elgin Park and Blackie Spit

Starting at about 8:00 on another great Wednesday morning, twenty seven enthusiastic members of the Flighty Flock assembled at the Historic Stewart Farm for an outing through Elgin Park and later around Blackie Spit… 761 more words


Boring ole birds

Woody in the woods.

A young limpkin on the boardwalk. He was very friendly, staying on the rail as people walked by.

A Carolina wren was singing in the bushes. 23 more words

Bird Photography

Summer Visitations

Summer brings a lot of visitors to the farm.

These three sand hill cranes have been hanging around outside my front gate for a few days now. 150 more words


I was in Silver Falls State Park this afternoon.  Didn’t see many birds, but there were two that attracted long views.  A Pileated was busy recycling portions of a tall snag, and was carefully studying the trunk for possible food. 106 more words


Pileated Woodpecker Morning

The Pileated Woodpecker Morning

The sound blasting through the near sunrise morning was like that of a staccato drilling machine, one would imagine coming from a pneumatic wooden hammer slamming into the thud of wood-on-wood. 1,897 more words

Les Booth

Birding with Daniel at Wolf Trap National Park

Okay, I’m really kind of ashamed to admit this, but I have NEVER been to Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. The National Park Service’s ONLY park for the performing arts has always been very near to where I’ve lived in Northern Virginia. 301 more words

Birding With Daniel